Teatro Momo: the theater season for children has started

“The theater is back for families, for children and for those who want, on Sunday next season, to be together and enjoy a program of performances that promise to be very interesting and pay special attention to children’s involvement. The compliments therefore go to the cultural sector in the municipality of Venice and to all those who have helped to organize this 28th theater season, which not only confirms the desire to continue an experience that has been consolidated for decades, but above all to support culture and theater after the last pandemic “So let’s go to the theater and let the charm of the stage involve many children to travel with their imagination. It’s a program dedicated to them.”

Teatro Momo opens its doors to children

Sunday in the Theater this year is marked by important innovations, the first of which is the inclusion of performances for the very small range from 0 to 3 years, in double repetitions, at. 11.00 and 16.30. Who wants to see parents and child together on stage to attend and share the first theatrical experiences.

To anticipate the season, next September 17, the second of the news. The carousel parade in the Due Mondi Theater, a popular public street show with the characters from the fairy tale I Musicanti di Bremen, starting from Piazza Ferretto, through the city center, up to accompany, young and old, to the Momo Theater for a party with the artists. The well-established path dedicated to the age group from 4 to 10 years opens the season with a show that integrates storytelling and theater for children with vertical dance. We’re talking about Favola, a co-production of Ullallà Teatro and VerticalWaves, to talk about the tales that do not have time. We continue on December 4 with the story of Cipì, perhaps the most famous and most read book by the master Mario Lodi. A co-production of Event Theater and Zaches Teatro.

A winter season full of shows

In anticipation of Christmas, on December 18, it is the turn of the performance Gli omini rossi and Santa Claus by Mattioli Teaterkompagni. The story of a funny and clumsy aspiring singer who will try to tell children how the legend of Santa Claus was born. For the new year, January 22, the Sunday theater season continues with the fairy tale The Snow Queen. By the company Giallo Mare Minimal Theater with lights, stage drawings and musical choices that will fascinate young spectators. On February 5, the CSS Company of Udine presents on stage at the Momo Theater another well-known fairy tale: The Persistent Main Soldier. A show to return to the playroom that each of us adults continues to dream about.

In March the third of the news in the 28th edition, the show in English, in double repeat at. 15.00 and 16.30, Romeo is blue and Julie is yellow from the Teatro del Buratto – Charioteer Theater. Which will tell the story of the two young lovers who switch the English language to Italian. The latest title on the bill, TPO Company’s ugly duckling in co-production with Teatro Metastasio di Prato. Which addresses the issue of diversity. On stage an atmospheric and contemporary scenographic system.

Suggestions for the very young

For the very young, the first suggestion is in November with the Koreja Theater and the LàQua performance: It is the sound of song that resonates in the mother’s womb. A little hymn to life, to the water that comes with it. In January, the company La Baracca Una storia proposes Upside down, a show that will soon be a journey full of discoveries and amazement. A continuous visual transformation in an atmosphere suspended in time. In February, the last title of the proposal for the very young, Chiaro di terra by TamTeatroMusica, is an opportunity to talk about the nature that surrounds us and our dear planet.

True to tradition, the usual agreement is also held this year during the Christmas holidays without a subscription to the Toniolo Theater with a performance dedicated to children; on Holy Trinity Day, the show Scarpette Rotte is performed written and directed by Emma Dante with an ERT / Teatro Nazionale Fondazione TRG Onlus production.

season ticket information and ticket office opening, www.culturavenezia.it/momo

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