Rugby Sound 2022, thanks from the organizers: “11 special evenings, impossible without volunteers”

Eleven days of fantastic music by nationally and internationally acclaimed artists made 55,000 people dance on the island of Castello di Legnano, and the echo of the festival can still be heard. 10 days after the end of Rugby Sound 2022 is time to make status and thank you with see already turned to the 2023 edition and the many activities Rugby Parabiago 1948 that in addition to organizing the music festival is the promoter of several activities ranging from sports to social. We talked about it with the club’s president, Marco Marazzini

What is the balance in this edition?

I would say that the balance is extremely positive: they have been 11 special eveningsone more beautiful than the other. More than 55,000 people passed through Castle Lake to concerts and there were no security issues. Everything went really well, even the weather was on our side. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Legnano Municipal Administration, in the form of Mayor Lorenzo Radice, and the Deputy Commissioner of the Legnano Commissariat, Ilenia Romano, who was able to better manage the entire police, police, Carabinieri, Civil Protection, Red Cross and Fire Brigade: a important deployment of forces that provided peace and security to all children and all families present at Rugby Sound. I also thank all the volunteers – every night more than 100, including players and parents of our children – who gave us a hand every night: without them it is unthinkable to arrange an event of this magnitude.

The line-up really pleased everyone …

After a two-year break, we found ourselves arranging a somewhat special edition. In Lombardy there were concerts everywhere, but thanks to Fulvio De Rosa and Valerio Bonalumi from Shining Production, an agency we have worked with for many years, we were able to arrange 11 evenings ranging from rock to trap, from metal to dance, leads to different audiences and of all ages are involved.

Rugby Sound is an important showcase for the city, but like all major events, there was no shortage of unavoidable inconveniences due to traffic conditions and the amount of music until late at night. What do you say to the citizens who have experienced this situation?

All the big events where so many people move, which generate induced activities even though they are well organized, bring with them some misunderstandings. We want to be close to the citizens of Legnano and San Vittore Olona, the two towns closest to Castle Lake because they have been patient these evenings. Together with Deputy Commissioner Romano and Mayor Radice we are committed to respecting the set times as best we can: we also relied on the Vielle Acustica agency, we placed sound level meters in the points closest to Legnano and San Vittore Olona, ​​and every morning we presented a report to the administration and police headquarters to absolutely respect the established parameters. At the end of the event, we then cleared the area under the supervision of the municipal administration, which gave us the green light for the work done. It is essential to have fun and do what we like, but always with the utmost respect for people and the environment given to us in management.

At Rugby Sound Shiva, Paky, Rhove and Nerissima Serpe - credits Massimiliano Malabarba

You have already made an appointment for next year. Are you already working on Rugby Sound 2023?

We have already come out with the official dates for next year, from June 29 to July 9, always with 11 nights of concerts: with Fulvio and Valerio from The Shining, we’re already starting work on starting to put some pieces in to build next year’s festival. There will be many good surprises.

Marco Marazzini, Raffaele Cucchi

The festival continues to grow, but as evidenced by the participation of the volunteers, the original spirit of amalgamation and affiliation with the club has not been lost. And Rugby Sound is just one of the activities that make your sports activity sustainable …

As Rugby Parabiago I would like to say that we try to work well and also in a sustainable way. Today (ed. July 20) we are in the sports center Parabiago and the sports camp is underway. Families can take the children with them from 8 in the morning to 17.30 in the evening, and it is completely managed by us in collaboration with Parabiago Municipality: this is one of the examples of our socio-educational activities. Then there is the Trofeo del Galletto, which in three days involves more than 2000 young people with teams from all over Italy, and there are still many projects and events whose proceeds will be used to support and support the club in the following season. to provide an ever-increasing service to our members. Today we have almost 970 boys playing at Rugby Parabiago, important figures that deserve attention, especially from an educational point of view.

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