Rent lifts online? Why not!

Lifts are among the most rented machines in Italy, so 7 out of 10 platforms sold in our country become part of the rental parks.

These machines have the specific purpose of lifting people and their tools to a height to perform work.

Lifts are extremely versatile machines as they are used in a wide range of sectors, from construction to landscaping through installation of systems and maintenance and renovation of buildings.

Have you ever considered renting one directly online?

With a few clicks, you can choose the type of platform that best suits your needs, considering the required height and range, but also power supply and easy transportation.

Lifts are a macro family consisting mainly of four types of machines, each with special properties and uses.

The first of these is truck mounted platform which, as the name suggests, consists of a truck with wheels, on which is mounted an articulated arm at the end of which a basket is placed to lift people.

This type of platform can circulate freely on the road, is rubberized and registered, and allows the operator to drive to the place where he has to perform his work. To drive most trucks, it is sufficient to be in possession of a B driving license, as the mass of the car is less than 35 fifths.

Another type of platform that is very common is self-propelled articulated. Characterized by a wheeled cart, but without a cab, this machine can be maneuvered directly from the basket, installed at the end of the articulated arm. The carriage is characterized by fairly compact dimensions that allow you to easily bypass obstacles.

The third type of platform that can be rented online is the tracked one, also called a “spider” by professionals. These iconic machines have very small dimensions, which allow passage even through the common doors of the house, and their belt undercarriage allows them to be used even on uneven terrain. Once opened, the stabilizers look like spiders and can reach significant heights thanks to the articulated arm.

The last type of lift is the vertical, also known as scissors. Unlike the previous ones, this machine can only be raised vertically; its special structure allows only ascent and descent thanks to a series of crossed metal segments. This peculiarity makes them suitable for use in contexts such as department stores or department stores, where it is required to reach certain heights without resorting to any kind of outreach contact.

By consulting a complete guide on lifts, it can be seen that all the above types are available both electrically powered and with internal combustion engine.

With the exception of trucks, the other types of platforms cannot circulate on the road and must be transported on a suitable vehicle directly to the construction site or to the workplace.

Given that each platform has specific applications, it is very important to carefully assess some elements, such as the height to be reached, the conditions in the workplace, taking into account any obstacles to be overcome, the surface where the platform is to move, but also the workspaces that could limit its movement and range.

When handling certain machines, especially lifts that transport people several meters in height, safety must be considered a priority.

The legislation requires that all operators intending to operate the platforms must be in possession of a specific authorization. To obtain this license, it is necessary to attend a theoretical-practical course and pass the final exam.

The use of personal protective equipment is also mandatory and it is important to adopt behaviors aimed at avoiding accidents.

The digitization of services has made it possible with a few clicks to choose the most suitable machine for the task, book the rental period and choose whether it should be picked up at the rental center or have it delivered directly to the construction site.

In a period where work is evolving rapidly, online rentals allow any type of customer to find the machine they need and complete the rental process with a few clicks and from any device, saving time and money.

However, if the customer needs advice in connection with the choice of machine or technical assistance, the tenant will be available to provide him with support, ensuring a quality service throughout the rental period.

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