Pistoia, Roncalli school: Works for over 1 million euros are underway

PISTOIA – As every year, the municipal administration initiates during the summer a number of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance interventions that make it possible to improve and make school buildings more efficient.

Work resumed a few days ago optimize energy efficiency to the first grade secondary school ‘Roncalli’, located within the old walls of the historic center, in the Renaissance Thyrion Bastion in Porta al Borgo. An intervention that includes replacement of 467 fittings of different types and sizesinstallation of thermostatic valves of all the radiators, but also thoseadaptation of the thermal power plantfor one total investment of 1,316,000 euros. This will improve the thermal sealing of the entire building, achieve greater insulation and improve the building from an aesthetic point of view as well. The replacement of the fixtures will also make it possible to guarantee greater security against burglary.

“The new power plant – emphasizes the mayor Alessandro Tomasi – will make it possible to reduce energy consumption and polluting emissions, which also guarantees financial savings. A two-part objective that must become a stable cornerstone in interventions on public buildings and beyond”.

The project, prepared by the Municipality’s school building office, had already begun in its preliminary and investigation phase last summer, when the company entrusted with the work had carried out the necessary inspections to put the replacement intervention in place.

At the end of the school year it is progressive replacement of fittings thanks to a investment of 1,200,000 eurestwhich allows for a contribution of 948 thousand euros obtained by the region through the POR FESR 2014 – 2020 call for proposals Action 4.1.1 “Energy efficiency interventions in public buildings and public structures and integration with renewable sources” and a municipal co-financing of 251 thousand euros.

The new windows, already replaced by a third, are in aluminum and equipped with thermal glazing to guarantee excellent performance both thermal and acoustic insulation. From an aesthetic point of view, they resume the original colors and style to respect the vision of the architect Giovanni Michelucciwho designed the school in the mid-1970s.

The intervention – he claims Alessandra Frosinicouncilor for school construction – in addition to reducing the building’s energy consumption, and thus improving the users’ health and well-being, it is part of the planning of efforts regardingLschools e that regulatory adjustments started five years ago And which, in addition to addressing seismic and static improvements of school buildings, attempts to cope with climate change and address efficiencythatenergetic process to reachwere they CO2 reduction targets in line with national targets ed Europeans.

The work of adaptation of the thermal power plant, a system at the service of a school building that also houses students from both the comprehensive Cino da Pistoia Institute and the former Frosini primary school, therefore with a particularly significant catchment area. In this case, it will come replaced the old generator with existing one thaw highly efficient condensing boilersinstalled a new electrical panel equipped with remote control and installed new pumps equipped with inverters, for one total cost of 116,000 euros. In fact, after the effectiveness of the envelope and the installation of the thermostatic valves, the energy diagnosis of the building was carried out, which highlighted how the intervention allows for significant savings in economic and environmental terms.

The new facility will make it possible to reduce energy consumption and thus reduce polluting emissions, which optimizes the energy yield.

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