Media design and new technologies. NABA’s training offer

Among the most important art and design academies in the world, the New Academy of Fine Arts offers one of the most interesting and educational paths in media design and new technologies. Area Manager Vincenzo Cuccia describes the goals and development of this department

Frame of the animated theme song from the TIMVISION Floating Theater Summer Fest 2021 festival

What is meant by digital? How can this be studied and used for design, multimedia art and entertainment? NABA, the Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, the only Italian academy in the world’s top 100 in art and design, offers students a way to discover and use digital in all its forms. A course of study that follows the technological developments and trends dictated by the market, by the spectators and by the industry. Specifically, the field of media design and new technologies, divided into three years, two years of specialization and academic master, aims to connect and create bridges between students and professionals, including directors, screenwriters, film photographers, editors. , animators, VFX and 3D artists but also game designer and game developer and more. To get even more into the logic and modus operandi of this NABA department, we had a conversation with Vincenzo CucciaArea manager Media design and new technologies.

INCHEI | Federico Demattè | Trailer from NABA Media Design on Vimeo.


Capturing the changes that are happening in the industry is fundamental for us, for the future and for the study project we want to offer“Says Vincenzo Cuccia.”It is also very important for us to activate workshops or leisure projects that give us a lot of freedom, allow us to experience the professional training of our students and create the opportunity also that teachers who are called can be involved by developing ideas together with the students themselves, in this way, the first virtual production project produced on campus was created a little over a year ago, and we are now developing the research project ERASMUS + KA210 ‘Augmented Reality virtual space for multiple users“. Those who enroll in the Academy are in most cases just out of high school, and even though they dream of a world of film, audiovisual and new technologies, they still do not have much knowledge of facts. Vincenzo Cuccia continues : “It is never so easy to get into the minds of students. Those who come to us after high school still do not have completely clear ideas, even though they have a great awareness of the possible roles and of the great interdisciplinarity that exists between them. The dreams of these guys are a bit the same: to become directors, screenwriters, film photographers, cinema professionals in general. However, this first consciousness must also be accompanied and refined in the discovery of all the other roles known and which is constantly changing. It must be said that there is great ambition on the part of the students, determination and speed of learning. Many of them enter the academy, who may be big fans of gamers, youtubers or are novice filmmakers and come out as filmmakers“.

Showreel Cinema 2021/2022 from NABA Media Design on Vimeo.


The laboratories are the heart of the field of media design and new technologies. In fact, NABA is among the first Academies of Fine Arts at the international level to boast a laboratory dedicated to virtual production within its campus, focusing on the creation of special effects (VFX) in real time, on the design of live sets and events in XR and on animation through analysis of real actors’ movement. The laboratories are the true and heartfelt meeting place between students, teachers, workers. They are the place where the most advanced methods in media and creative technologies are used, where one learns what “production of author projects” means and how they can be created in practice and concretely. The ultimate goal is to go far beyond theory – always a crucial starting point – in order to educate and bring young people with significant acquired professional competencies into the labor market. Also in the wake of NABA students’ successes, the three-year period in media design and multimedia art from the next academic year will develop into a three-year period in cinema and animation, an almost inevitable decision after some awards for works done by some students, such as: Federico Demattéwith the short film Inchei, was selected at the 36th edition of the International Critics’ Week of the Venice Film Festival, in the section Short Italian Cinema, and won the award for best short film and the award for best director. It should also be noted that the animation theme for TIMVISION Floating Theater Summer Fest 2021 was created by NABA students and that other students and recent graduates from the academy were also selected with their own projects at festivals such as Torino Film Festival, Locarno Film Festival, Alice nella Città – Rome Film Festival and Festival dei Popoli in Florence.


And precisely with the aim of developing the education of young writers and writers, NABA’s awareness of the film and television world is growing both with the project in collaboration with Rom Film Fest, Z-Pitcha competition with feature film and TV series projects aimed at the talents of Generation Z cinema schools, both with the new academic master in screenwriting for series * (currently awaiting approval of MUR from AY 2022/23), starting at. Rome campus starting from October 2022. The program aims to train professionals in audiovisual writing who are able to intercept themes and stories about a world in continuous development and therefore develop cinema or series projects.

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