“Itea is now looking for new homes, but the ones he has he does not use” – Vallagarina

ISERA. “The President of Itea (Francesca Gerosa, red) complains about the difficulty of finding housing in the face of the constant demand that is rising in these moments with serious difficulties for many families, and yet the opportunities to reverse the property trend are wasted ‘. Like this Mario Cossali returns to intervene in the matter of Itea houses in Patone: a property complex that is still empty, despite numerous appeals for their recycling (even by Cossali himself) over the years.

“I wrote in vain some time ago about the Patone case – emphasizes Cossali – to say the least scandalous. For years, the beautiful Itea houses have stood empty and abandoned, six apartments with unique views of Rovereto and the valley. The tenants for various reasons in connection with the change of family unit or the change of their income, they left a little at a time, and the apartments stayed there to listen to the wind that only knocks on the door. Itea did not intervene, either for new tasks, or for the usual restorations or for any alienations, even if the outgoing tenants so requested, in total disregard of such a costly public good. We do not know what initiatives the administrations that have followed one another in Isera Municipality have taken in the last ten years, but we believe that a concerned intervention from the current administration will be indispensable today ”. Not just Isera municipality.

Cossali also questions the accounting judiciary. “I do not understand – he claims – why on this very serious social and economic waste of the public body together, Court of Auditors. And I’m surprised an entrepreneur or agency did not sign up to take over the building compendium to give life to a prestigious housing project: the place would be suitable for just that! It would be the last joke for those who urgently need a roof for their family.

While waiting, if any, for the response from President Francesca Gerosa, which Cossali directly questions, the words that the former president of the Trentino housing institute remain registered. Salvatore GhirardinI issued all’Adige in April last year.

“For the buildings in Patone,” said Ghirardini, “taking into account the size of the apartments and the distance from the main services, there has always been some difficulty in allocating them to sustainable rental locations. The case is still in Itea’s attention. However, before re-entering the properties on the rental market, the company actually assesses possible redevelopment measures as part of the 110% super bonus. However, Itea Spa’s goal is still a redevelopment of the property in the medium term. ” Therefore, the empty houses would wait for an energy rehabilitation measure. Not only.

“Meanwhile, the company – Ghirardini emphasizes – compares itself with the various issues involved in the province’s housing policy system, and in particular with the Community in Valle, which can offer a careful assessment of housing needs expressed in its catchment area, examines various possible measures, aimed at finding solutions that make it possible to occupy the dwelling, among which, following a further study of the housing stock in Itea Spa, a possible inclusion of the six flats in the “House in the Heart of the Alps” plan was assumed, given that they have all the essential features of this destination ‘.

The Itea plan – concluded Ghirardini – which is shared with the autonomous province of Trento, aims to reverse the depopulation trends of the mountain and to improve the unused Itea real estate assets, giving Trentino families the ideal conditions to become independent and build a project with life that contributes to the development and life of a mountain community. ”

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