From recruitment reform to teachers to be ‘retrained’: Patrizio Bianchi’s “loving” school closes. Now the replacement is awaited

With the resignation of Prime Minister Draghis and his government, Patrizio Bianchi’s term as Minister of Education also ends. An experience for the Ferrara professor, who saw him as the protagonist of some important executive interventions, but who undoubtedly also drew him, as often happens to any holder of Viale Trastevere’s dikasteri, at the center of the controversy.

The heaviest result that the now former Minister of Education has achieved is without a doubt that reform of recruitment and training of teachersfinally approved a few weeks ago, although it is necessary to understand how the story ends in terms of implementation of decrees provided for in Act 76, which should have implemented the reform. The same law introduced the famous incentive education for teachers and Higher Education School. In short, an ambitious project, which, however, collided with the dissatisfaction of school workers who were waiting for a more structured and justified reform of everyday issues.

The law that would reorient the path to becoming a teacher was, in fact, also the measure most criticized by the unions. In recent times, there have been misunderstandings with the unions, which have led to a distance that has strongly affected relations. Distance culminates with strike on 30 May in protest of the government’s action against the schools. And Bianchi’s work.

With the expiry of Bianchi’s mandate, the ideas of reform of the middle school and the technical and professional institutes will also in all probability be destroyed.

On the first point, Patrizio Bianchi had recently said: “Middle school reform is absolutely necessary. At the moment it is neither meat nor fish. We need a middle school that overcomes the rigid disciplinary division. That it projects more the way of working than there was in primary school“.

The second major intervention devised by Patrizio Bianchi was aimed at technical and professional institutes. On the occasion of a hearing in the Senate on the status of the implementation of the PNRR reforms, the Minister of Education said: “We will be able to present a first text this summer. We will present it to the departments as soon as possible. We are on time. Technical and professional paths must have the same dignity in relation to high school“.

On this the former councilor of Emilia Romagna had given very few elements as to how to proceed. Just a small, big, clue: introduce philosophy into technical institutes.

He announced it in September last year at the conference on “Ethics and artificial intelligence“, Arranged by the Aspen Institute with Tim and Intesa Sanpaolo in Venice.

But Patrizio Bianchi will also be remembered for some statements that made the people of the school “furious”. Of all he said just a few weeks ago about digital teacher education:In Italy, in 4-5 years, we will have to retrain 650,000 teachers to meet teaching that is suitable for the digital future and the global interconnection that has now been foreseen.”, Left in a state of controversy.

“I would like to arrange an hour in a day and the schools would start singing, perhaps on the first day of school, the Italian anthem. You will make me happy if this happens”, among the other most famous interventions by the Minister, who in any case will formally remain in office for current affairs.

But Patrizio Bianchi will no doubt be remembered for a concept he emphasized several times during his tenure: loving school.

“School must be loving, make everyone rediscover the beauty of living with others, but it must also be strict” Bianchi said on several occasions and explained more concretely: “Why loving? It is a school that takes care of everyone and gives everyone the opportunity to get to the bottom of it; For example, if you took four, you need more help than the others, because there are problems. A school you do not miss. Because at this stage, the school is more important than ever, with the teacher as the reference adult and with the students, who must be a group, not a group ”.

Now we await the dissolution of the chambers, which will come shortly, and then we move on to the new government, which will be formed from the early elections to the autumn.

With the new management, there would be a new Minister of Education, the fifth in five years.

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