Entering the role of GM in kindergarten, primary school and upper secondary school of I and II grade as 22/23 Campania

School year 2022/23

We inform you that on 22.07.2022, the functions aimed at forwarding the application for the selection of the province will be open to candidates who are fully included in the merit ranking list that has not yet been exhausted:

• for common places in primary schools, cf. departmental executive order no. 105/2016

• for joint and child support positions in accordance with departmental decree no. 1546/2018

• for shared spaces (only subject to Act 68/99) and primary school support, in accordance with departmental order no. 1546/2018

• for the upper secondary school’s common places in accordance with DDG n. 106/2016 and pursuant to DDG n. 85/2018

• for the upper secondary school’s shared places in accordance with departmental decree no. 510/2020

• for common places – STEM competition classes, according to Departmental Decree No. 826/2021

• for joint and support positions in kindergarten and primary school, in accordance with departmental executive order no. 498/2020, as amended by departmental executive order no. 2215/2021

• for joint and support positions in upper secondary schools in accordance with departmental order no. 499/2020, as amended by departmental order no. 23/2022, including the STEM competition classes.

The deadline for submitting the application is 24 July 2022 at 23:59. The determination of the recruitment faculties is being finalized by the concerned ministries, so it is not possible at this time to know the number of vacancies for the various competition classes, nor the distribution between the provinces and the recruitment channels. Candidates are therefore advised to express their preferences keeping this circumstance in mind.

It should also be noted that the number of those named in the attached list is greater than the number of vacant places for the above reasons.

The presentation of the application to choose the order of preference of the provinces does not in any way constitute a guarantee of the right to propose a permanent contract.

This will only happen when the foreseen conditions arise and therefore available and vacant positions are available from a quota designated for appointments with permanent contracts (Article 399 of Legislative Decree 297/1994) and placement in a position useful to hire the role . The actual availability of the place depends on the future definition of the recruiting faculties and on the choices made by the previous candidates, which is why more candidates were cautiously invited than the places that were actually available.

Being invited to participate in the procedure therefore does not constitute an actual identification or a proposal for recruitment and is in no way a guarantee of the subsequent entry into the role, which will be arranged by this office within the limits given by the vacant. positions and the recruitment faculties, for the school year 2022/2023.

The computerized procedure for appointment to the role for the school year 2022/2023 allows aspiring teachers present in the ranking list useful for entry into the role to make a specific request to continue:

✓ the selection of the available provinces in order of preference with reference to the competition class and/or the type of place obtained (first stage);

✓ after this first stage, selection of seat, according to preferences, among those available in the assigned province (second stage).

Candidates who have received an assignment proposal in the first phase will be able to participate in the second phase.

It is reminded that both phase 1 and phase 2 will be carried out exclusively through the specific functions of the SIDI / POLIS information system. In case of applicants present in several rankings, it will be possible to choose the province/competition class combination in order of preference. Interested applicants will be able to access the Online Instances platform and enter the preferred order, based on availability for each type of venue/competition class.

Should an aspirant be among those required to express preferences for more than one competition class, the expression of the order of preference will relate to all possible combinations of competition class and province.

For candidates who do not complete their declaration of preference by the deadline and who will find themselves in a ranking position useful for admission to the role, the information system will continue to identify the office.

In order to avoid office tasks that risk not representing the real subjective needs, all applicants are therefore encouraged to express their preferences immediately.

The procedure will also be active for candidates who are holders of reserve rights, subject to verification of the existence of the intended conditions, i.e. the effective right to reserve and the capacity within the reserved rates for compulsory recruitment in the respective competitive classes.

Communications received by means other than those described herein will not be considered.

Candidates are encouraged to make their choice well in advance of closing time.

For the technical aspects, refer to the instructions in the reserved area of ​​the Ministry of Education’s portal as well as to the operating instructions available on online instances (available at the following link).

Activation in the Administrative Procedures section (left menu on the home page of the reserved area) of a page dedicated to the computerized appointment procedure for teachers.

In this area, you can also see a video tutorial, which is also available at the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=farOoF59GVM. It should be noted that the video instructions refer to the appointment operations in the year 2021, but also remain valid for applications to the role covered by this announcement.

It is emphasized that the termination of a specific province will absolutely amount to the final and irrevocable relinquishment of any appointment to the posts that may be vacant in that province.

Therefore, if the candidate does not express acceptance in all the provinces, and when he has reached his position in the ranking list, there are no vacancies in the provinces he has accepted, this will definitively and imperatively make it impossible to be identified in the provinces that he have waived even though there are remaining posts in these provinces.

This situation can, in the cases provided for in current legislation, lead to cancellation from the ranking in question.

If among the applicants invited to express their preferences there are teachers who already hold a permanent contract which they intend to maintain, they must in any case have access to the Polis procedure and expressly opt out on any proposal for identification referring to the academic year. 2022/23.

It is clarified in this connection that if the aforementioned teachers do not express their will with regard to the ongoing procedure and fall within the number approved for employment, they will be employed ex officio.

Based on the above, the need for all teachers involved in the procedure to express their will by completing the online application is highlighted.

After the aforementioned first phase of the allocation of the province, at the end of which the results of the tasks will be disseminated, a timely announcement will be made about the opening of the functions for the selection of the seat.

This phase will first involve the applicants for the competitions held on a regional basis to which the province (or province/type of venue/competition class) has been allocated, then the applicants included in the attrition ranking list.

With subsequent communication, the undersigned office will disclose the quotas for appointments with permanent contracts, by province/type of venue/competition class separately for competition rankings and upon exhaustion.

Candidates who are not interested in the appointment will be able to announce their resignation following the same procedure. The information on the results of the different phases, as well as published on the website of this Regional School Office, will arrive via e-mail directly to the interested parties, through automatic management of the information system. We inform you that the headquarters in the second stage of the procedure, after the allocation at the provincial level, is primarily allocated to personnel who are under the conditions set out in Article 21 and Art. 33, subsection 5, 6 and 7, in Act 104/1992.

Therefore, recipients of nominations from regional competitions who find themselves in this situation must, in the second phase of the procedure, in the second phase of the procedure, in accordance with the established procedures, attach the documentation that proves the possession of the necessities established in art. 21 and art. 33, paragraphs 5, 6 and 7, of Law 104/1992, for the USR’s evaluation operations of the same with a view to the possible allocation of headquarters, with priority over the other candidates in their selection test without precedence and over all the other candidates who will be recruited through GAE.

All interested parties are invited to constantly monitor the website http://www.campania.ificazione.it/home/home.shtml and the websites of the territorial offices, through which all additional information will be revealed immediately, not as soon as it is available.

Reports of an administrative nature can be made by e-mail addressed to: [email protected] The list of the invited candidates is published below.

See the team lists: Operations aimed at hiring teachers with permanent contracts from regional pre-school, primary and secondary school competitions I and II class – school year 2022/23

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