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In recent years, more and more new ones have been added funds of movement and especially people wonder how much the battery in an electric car costs to assess the purchase. Costrecharging, maintenance are all questions that arise when thinking about a new car that costs less than gas and diesel, which is rising more and more. Even the maintenance of LPG and methane cars has become expensive, so the solution is an electric or hybrid car.

How much does it cost

How much an electric car battery costs is usually one of the first requests that occurs when approaching these modern cars. Batteries are the main component of the green machine, e.g. they work like all the others, that is, they accumulate chemical energy and release it as electrical energy.

The accumulators then transfer this energy to the motor, which converts it into mechanical energy. In a nutshell, this is how electric car batteries work, which is actually much more complex, but it can be done To summarize with a chemical process that generates a current of electrons from a negative pole to a positive pole that goes from a substance that produces the necessary current to drive engine of the car.

Types of batteries for electric cars

There are so many types of batteries for electric cars, because the market over the years has moved in this direction given the gradual rise in oil prices. Basically, batteries for electric cars differ from fabric it’s inside.

Those with lead are those of the first electric cars that were produced, not specifically Effective because it took more than 10 hours to recharge. Later, nickel metal hydride (NiMH) invented batteries that work with a metal alloy that acts as an anode and nickel that acts as a cathode, but these too have a very low efficiency. Let’s remember the first one Toyota Prius who mounted this battery.

Today, the most popular batteries are ai lithium ions, which uses a lithium cobalt oxide cathode and a graphite anode. But even these batteries are not excellent in their performance and also lose potential every time they come reload.

Finally, we have the batteries in the state solid, which are the latest publications and those that scientific research is moving towards. Inside, they have glass or ceramics that move ions between cathode and anode effectively by increasing performance battery.

How many years does it last

How long does an electric car battery last? It may measuring this year or miles traveled. Lithium-ion batteries last a maximum of 8 years and the number of kilometers naturally depends on the driver. That most important electric cars on the roads today offer the following performance.

The current Toyota Prius guarantees its battery 8 years and 300,000 km, the Nissan Leaf 8 years 160,000 km, Tesla Model S 8 years and 250,000 km, BMW i3 8 years 100,000 km.

Price of the car and price of the battery

Another one request that any person definitely arises before buying an electric car is how much the battery in an electric car costs because the price must always be added to it for machine in itself.

Car manufacturers suggest that to rent the battery by paying a monthly installment and being able to replace it at no extra cost. The alternative is to buy it there it costs from 3 thousand to 10 thousand euros, in this case, however, free replacement is not possible when the warranty expires.

BMW or Renault at a base price of 3,500 euros allows you to Replace it with another more modern and efficient.

What happens to electric car batteries when they run out

Electric car batteries must be disposed of and this is one of the most discussed topics by ecologists. Disposal is done today by recycling the chemicals contained in suitable disposal centers.

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