Cucinelli aims to triple the students at the School of High Craftsmanship. Compensation of one thousand euros, call for applications in September //

by Daniele Bovi

From male and female tailoring to repair and linking, from gardening and gardening to «masonry». Solomeo’s “School of high contemporary craftsmanship for arts and crafts” was established in 2013 and now aims to double or, why not, triple the number of students. The project was presented Wednesday morning by Brunello Cucinelli at the company’s headquarters in Solomeo during a press conference.


How to log in According to what was explained on Wednesday, the call will be sent out in September and will primarily be aimed at girls and boys between the ages of 18 and 27 without special qualifications. Once the application is submitted (also via the website), selections will be made with interviews to understand the “will and aptitudes” of the candidates who, once admitted, will work from 8 to 13 in the dedicated building overlooking it Umbrian landscape as well as in some rooms at the castle, which until recently housed the company’s laboratories. The fee is 1,000 euros per month, and the courses have a duration that varies from one to three years (the longest period mainly concerns men’s and women’s tailoring work).

High craftsmanship At the end of the course there will be a technical grade and then a “report on the person”, and during the training period there will also be moments dedicated to giving the students the basis for taking on a possible entrepreneurial path; on the other hand, at the end of the school, also visited by people from abroad, “you can even stay here with us”. In general, the goal is to «return to spread the great value of high craftsmanship, give man moral and economic dignity, invest in those who are to be the craftsmen of tomorrow». “By attending these courses – the entrepreneur added – many young people have been able to understand and appreciate the real value of the craft as a form of art”.

Long investment “From a young age,” said Cucinelli, “I admired the objects and makes which the Italian craftsman genius made unique, useful, and beautiful, and I sensed behind the hands that painstakingly shaped the material, something larger that dictated their action, that is, the creative spirit that the whole world recognizes in us. I want all this to be an important value for our young Italians to be proud of. If we want to make a product of the highest quality, in Italy, we must return to investing in young people. But it is not an investment of two years, three years, but of 25, 30 years’.

Skilled hands Also because “in the future, the problem will not be who will buy these products, but who will produce them. We here have 52 percent of the work done with our hands. We therefore need skilled hands ». All this “primarily by worrying about how man works, where he works, how much is his remuneration”. “The workplaces must be exceptional, beautiful – said the entrepreneur – the remuneration must be reasonable, there must be a moral, economic, human dignity in the work. All this is part of what I call ‘human sustainability'”.

The world of work The press conference was therefore also an opportunity to make a more general point about the world of work, changed by the pandemic: “We have seen that worldwide – he said on the point – there are many people who resign even if they have no other job This means that it has realized that certain conditions are no longer sustainable and that it is necessary to restore moral and economic dignity to work. We can not work 14 hours a day, but eight and concentrated. But then we must go and live our lives. ”And when we talk about the debate, after which some employers explain, on the one hand, that they do not find young people willing to work and, on the other hand, the latter, who emphasize that is not sufficient, then the Solomeo entrepreneur is in no doubt: “I am with the latter, the world has changed and certain conditions are no longer sustainable”.

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