Barberino Tavarnelle Kindergarten: “Children moved from classrooms as packages”

BARBERINO TAVARNELLE – They’re angry. Bitter. Is aware that their protests will not be able to change the decision made by the school management of the Istituto Comprensivo “Il Passignano” in Barberino Tavarnelle. But they want to tell their bitterness.

There are 32 parents of children attending the kindergarten “La Casa del Sole” in Bustecca: Stefano De Marchi, Luisa Francini, Ambra Verdiani, Giulia Casamonti, Marcello Tirinnanzi, Erika Faraoni, Elisa Mari, Valentina Piccirillo, Alessandro Panti, Ilaria Zacchini, Barbara Valgattarri, Alessandra Dalzocchio, Simona Barnini, Dascalu Peto, Frances Aloana Cances Di Biase, Paola Paoli, Caterina Manetti, Antonella Tramontano, Linda Suppini, Serena Anselmi, Valentina Bacci, Ilaria Russo, Elisa Neri, Maria Serra, Charanjit Kaur, Maja Dalino, Laura Marrucci, Gianni Nencini Giubbolini, Elena Castrucci.

“On June 28 – their story begins – we were told by a cold and one-sided circular by the school management that some of our children would change class; so on July 12, the circular arrived with the hours already completed ”.

“During the year – continue the parents – there was never the slightest hint of it, but on the contrary, we have always been assured that the children would not be divided. Even at the end of the year on June 27, nothing was mentioned by the teachers. These ways have left us all stunned and embittered ”.

The decision concerns 12 children, but the parents who are dissatisfied with this decision in terms of content and method are far more than those directly affected by the move.

“The school regulations – remember the 32 parents – allow in case of class division to proceed by agreement with the parents or secondarily by drawing lots. Instead, the children to be moved were selected by the teachers, who selected only a few (5 red, 3 orange, 4 green) without informing or asking their parents for their opinion. By conducting a discriminatory and unfair selection. And not shared at all “.

“So – they note – now the selected children will continue to see their former classes still formed and united. But they will no longer be a part of it, and will be placed in already solid and dense classes. If there was a real need to redistribute classes to redistribute children on the basis of age, a general and fair redistribution would have been more correct, involving all students, not just some ”.

“In addition – they still say – the school regulations stipulate that relocation of students only takes place in exceptional cases and documentable. But here there is no emergency, but a predictable one. And it stems from a precise organizational choice of the department, which dates back to two years ago, where a class was established differently from the others, consisting exclusively of children from the same year 2017. ‘

“Now – they accuse – their programming mistakes cannot be paid for by our children, moved as farmers. In a kindergarten, children must be at the center of choices, their well-being, not organizational choices.”

“In addition – they further clarify – they will also have to change teachers for internal needs at the department, not for a turnover. Our children will lose all their reference points”.

Many parents have requested a meeting with the school principal Paola Salvadori (who retires in September), and was received: “You he tries to reassure, arguing that the class remains the place of welcome and ritual, but then the activities will be performed according to age group, thus mixing the classes in an open teaching perspective “.

“But we know very well – they configure – that open teaching is only an illusion and a utopian vision. Moreover, in a situation where persistent pandemic will make it highly likely that the recovery of the “health bubbles” will prevent inter-class interaction.

“With an email sent to us by the teachers – they are relaunching – the parents who were not involved in such situations were asked to step aside. But the children involved in this decision are all: in fact, there are in this protest also the parents of the children who have not been moved but who do not really find what has been done. “

“At the meeting we had with the principal and teachers – they conclude – they admitted their mistakes and tried to reassure us because… however, the children are adapting. They told us they would consider our proposal to postpone everything until next year, but via e-mail, they confirmed that the decision will not be revised ”.


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