Archadia and MAC, two new architecture schools in Venice and Val d’Orcia

The two new schools – founded by the architect Edoardo Milesi, creator of the Permanent School of Living in Montalcino – aim to educate young graduates not only in architecture with a strong humanistic approach, with teachers also in philosophy, sociology and dramaturgy.

San Servolo Venice

A college of architecture in the lagoon of Veniceideally linked to a budding education center in the heart of Val d’Orcia, in Tuscany. Two locations for a project that will come to life in early 2023 with a master’s degree in design unique of its kind, with a strong humanistic touch, dedicated to graduates not only in architecture, designed to facilitate a quick access to the world of work. Archadia And MACthese are the names of the two newborn companies founded by the architect Edoardo Milesiis the natural development of the experiences SPdA-Scuola Permanente dell’Abitare has gained over the years, where she works with hundreds of students in teaching experiences that are always surprising and original, where design is learned on the spot, however always starting from a theoretical approach , crossing disciplines seemingly distant from architecture such as art, theater and music.

OCRA Montalcino lessons
OCRA Montalcino lessons


An unusual humanistic approach, which is reflected in a teaching staff inspired by profiles and skills far from the classical didactic path of the architectural faculties. A few names? The geographer and philosopher Franco Farinelli, professor at the Sorbonne, Berkeley, UCLA in Los Angeles, Geneva, Mexico City and Uppsala. Or Giandomenico Amendola, “grand old man” of environmental sociology. Again: Cristina Muccioli, art critic and lecturer in communication ethics at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts; Marco Giommoni trained teacher of musical composition; Leonardo Ciacci, urban planner at IUAV, Stefano Campana, professor of archeology in Siena; Stefano Monti, economist. And then a playwright, Manfredi Rutelli, a theologian from the University of Padua, Don Roberto Tagliaferri, in short, a series of subjects and professors that can hardly be found in the corridors of the architectural faculties. In its eight years of existence, the SPdA-Scuola Permanente dell’Abitare has created various centers of cultural production, always playing on the thread of rethinking the figure of the architect and strongly linked to the territories where they were born and operate, such as Ocra in Montalcino, which we had already written about Art stand and that this year too has organized a summer school with a captivating theme, Passage architectureswhich will be held from July 25 to 30 and open to all students enrolled in at least the third year of a university education, to graduates and to professionals under the age of 35 (registrations are still open with the availability of more scholarships study ) .

    MAC Castle view
MAC Castle view


Archadia, which will be based on the island of San Servolo, halfway between Piazza San Marco and the Lido, and MAC, acronym for Monte Antico Castle, a fortress in the Grosseto countryside overlooking the confluence of the Orcia River with Ombrone, years of training experience in the area and aims to train new professionals prepared for current and future issues such as the ecological transition, the sustainable economy, the reflections of mass tourism and the projects of the PNRR. With its immense historical and architectural heritage, the lagoon city is the ideal platform to give life to new visions that guide the world towards the necessary and urgent ecological transition. Among the master’s first workshops, there will be, for example, the feasibility study for the regeneration of the former coastal hospital in Lido, an area abandoned for over 30 years consisting of 30 buildings on an area of ​​230 thousand square meters. Archadia wants to be a laboratory of ideas in one of the first truly global cities in history, by far the most resilient, always fighting for its own survival. And rethinking these spaces is a valuable employment opportunity for young creatives.

– Gianmaria Padovani

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