Abuse in a nursing home in Palermo, six precautions issued

They would tie the elderly to the bed or wheelchair, in some cases they provided drugs to soothe them. Six people are under investigation in Palermo accused of abusing guests from the local community that houses the Giardino delle Strelizie in Viale Lazio. The finances of the provincial command carried out a security order against the owner of the structure and five operators. For the owner Valerio Alagna, The 36-year-old, the investigating judge, ordered a ban on the pursuit of entrepreneurship in welfare structures or nursing homes for a year. For nursing staff Gaetana Montalto, 49 years old, Maria Lo Iacono 59 years old, Patrizia La Mattina, 55 years old, Antonina Militello42 years old, Vincenzo Cascino, 54 years old, the ban on offering professional activities in welfare structures or nursing homes for the elderly was adopted for one year.
The investigations during the Dark Garden operation, which was launched after a guest from the local community was reported, were conducted by the financiers of the Economic and Financial Police Unit. There are many episodes of harassment and harassment against guests: physical violence (beatings, beatings and pulls), offenses and even death threats. The studies also revealed that operators used to bandage the elderly for hours, and in some cases, patients also administered more medications than medical prescriptions to soothe them. “The persistent offenses, humiliations, threats, beatings, insults, – reads the Gip Regulation – introduced against the guests of the welfare structure, integrate the crime of abuse, certainly being able to such actions, for their intensity and habit, which is a source of persistent discomfort for the injured ».

“Again, the need to ensure the protection and protection of our elderly arises, fragile and defenseless subjects who have the right to be treated and cared for in structures capable of ensuring a dignified quality of life that adequately meets the needs of those in need. The Guardia di Finanza, as an economic and financial police force with a strong social vocation, will continue to protect honest economic actors and the weakest and most vulnerable groups of the population “, emphasizes Colonel Gianluca Angelini head of the Palermo Economic and Financial Police Unit.

“We leave it to the judiciary to fully establish any charges against the owner and staff of the Giardino delle Strelizie in Palermo. : We want to ensure not only solidarity, but also concrete closeness to him, to the other victims and to their families. This was stated by the Secretaries-General of Uil and UilPensionati Sicilia, Luisella Lionti and Claudio Baronewhich still confirms: “Especially for an elderly person, especially those who are guests in a shared accommodation, it is never easy to report. For this reason, we reiterate our appeal and our protest to public institutions to exercise their right and duty to control these structures, which today are anything but a state of transparency.Today, if they do not have public rallies, retirement homes are not even registered by the regional councilor and local reference bodies.As we have already said at our congresses, We are now urging more vigorous establishment of control plans, starting with the recipients of public funds, it is not enough that they are up to date with the bureaucratic papers, they must work well to ensure help, respect, dignity, love for many of our weakest and most needy citizens ”.

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