Abnormal suspension of the regular Aj55 competition in Campania

Dear technical staff at the school,

I’m a candidate for ordinary competition class AJ55 which takes place in Campania for the regions of Campania, Sicily, Calabria and Basilicata. I am writing to announce the unfortunate situation in which we candidates for the aforementioned CDC found ourselves on Monday, July 18, 2022.


On this date, in fact, the practical tests of the last candidates were expected to end (the practical test and the oral test were divided and scheduled on two different dates), and the first extractions for the oral tests would begin.

After the regular drawing of the tracks for today’s candidates, some of us receive at. 17.30 the message from temporary suspension of competition “Due to sudden and urgent circumstances” by the President of the Commission using a non-institutional email (in fact, he presented the domain “gmail” and not “Formazione.it”). The President also stated in the e-mail that he had informed USR Campania of this interruption and that he had at the same time attached the reasons without, however, sharing them with the candidates themselves.

Without having found any official notice of this interruption on the USR Campania website, the only body responsible for official communication in connection with the competition, and even in fear that the email could be the result of a hacker attack, we have graduates decided to present ourselves on an equal footing. on the spot to perform the tests on the day scheduled to discuss, at the end of 24 hours, the drawn course, also to protect our position and get our presence there registered.

Having only been there the following day (19 July 2022), after having ascertained that no competition test would actually take place and that the Commission had therefore not established itself, our request to register our presence was not accepted by the Secretary of the Commission (the only member present) and we were forced to request the intervention of the police forces in order to obtain the preparation of the aforementioned report.

In fact, the absence of the Commission led to the actual suspension of the competitions, in particular given that among the candidates present there were those who had already commenced the oral examination after the draw (in addition to those on the day of the draw). July 19 should have drawn the trail).

We were then informed by the President of the Commission, who arrived at the scene late in the morning in the presence of the Commissioner of Police, that we would have been given a new timetable and that we would have to retrace the steps and that the new dates would have been announced. as on notice, with at least 20 days notice from the test.

In this situation, the competitors from Calabria, Sicily, Basilicata had to return to their regions, and those who are not sure of being reimbursed for travel expenses that are already – unnecessarily – facing, will now have to again, in addition to the high season, make sure that new expenses have to return on a date that is still being determined.

As of today, July 20, 2022, there is still no communication on the USR website confirming the official suspension of the ongoing insolvency proceedings, and many candidates do not know whether to extend their stay and are still showing up to confirm their presence or take home. .

We really hope that the situation can be resolved as quickly as possible and in the best way, but in the meantime tried by these events that increase the worries and emotional strain of those who, after many years of waiting, submit to a national competition, We ask you to be able to highlight this news and help us so that through media coverage we can shed light on the incident and be made aware of a story that we do not want to fall silent about and stifle any attempt to assert our rights.

Thank you, on behalf of all, for your attention

Letter signed

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