Abitcoop presents the 2021 budget and no gas houses

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Tomorrow, Thursday 21 July, the assembly will be held for the members of Abitcoop, the largest share of residents with shared ownership in the province of Modena, a member of Legacoop Estense.

“The results that we will present to shareholders -” explains President Simona Arletti – speak of a positive year despite an extraordinarily difficult context given by the continuation of the pandemic, production declines and the rise in prices that marked the end of the year. the 1st report on the Nomisma real estate market recorded the Italian housing market in 2021, compared to 2020, a 34% increase in sales in medium-sized cities like Modena, but the war situation, added to the increases, is creating a climate of fear and uncertainty that inevitably gets “families struggling to make decisions that are as important as buying a home; even though Covid has taught us that a comfortable home is a valuable asset.”

The critical issues in the national and global context have led to greater difficulties for Abitcoop in providing shareholders with the security of delivery times that has always characterized it, due to delays in the supply of raw materials such as cement and iron, and increases in housing construction costs. . “Despite so many difficulties – Arletti adds – 2021 was a positive year, although profits fell compared to before; 2022 began for its part with the well-known price increases and with a worrying rise in inflation. Nevertheless, members know that they can count on a well-capitalized cooperative that can also withstand shocks of this type ”.

In 2021, Abitcoop managed to meet members’ housing needs by allocating ownership of 50 apartments. The financial statements recorded 12 million euros of core business income, of which 99% was made to shareholders, 400 thousand euros in profit, a significant financial balance and above all a net equity of 56 million euros “consolidated over time – explains the Administrative Manager Morena Galli – through the allocation to reserve the profits over many years of activity, to an increasingly solid guarantee for the shareholders who come to us. ” The shareholders per. As of December 31, 2021, there were 19,000 353, of which 204 were registered in 2021; the average age is 39 years.

At a strategic level, in line with its mission, Abitcoop has increasingly focused on the construction of highly energy efficient, safe and beautiful houses, which provide well-being in the home and reduce the environmental impact and avoid possible energy waste. residents and environment. Construction of the first No Gas houses was then commenced in the sector via Belli (MO), Farnie di Carpi (MO) and Girasoli di Castenaso (BO); in the latter case, Abitcoop, the only company in Italy, has joined a European project aimed at building homes that, using the most advanced technologies, produce more energy than they consume. “Case No Gas – explains Ivano Malaguti, General Manager of Abitcoop – also means greater freedom to choose the supply of electricity, perhaps only choose a green supply – that is, energy from renewable sources – and at least partially avoid the cost increases The region has approved support for forms of self-production of energy – Renewable Energy Communities – with the aim of reducing emissions of climate-changing gases into the atmosphere where there is a need for greater use of renewable energy. the potential of energy sources, a decentralized and interconnected energy system; also thanks to a more active role as end customers. Abitcoop follows these innovations closely ”.

Abitcoop’s social report will also be presented to the General Assembly, through which the cooperative reports on and makes available online on the abitcoop.accountabilitycoop.it platform economic data, activities and corporate policies, in particular with regard to achieving sustainability objectives set by the ‘UN Agenda 2030. These policies also includes the choice made by Abitcoop through an amendment to the Allocation Regulation to equate all forms of de facto coexistence with marriage, including the allocation of housing. A choice of inclusion and courtesy that the cooperative considered necessary to avoid any form of discrimination. According to the 7th co-operative principle, her commitment to the community is a must, which also in 2021 saw her intervene in support of the most disadvantaged: from donations to healthcare companies and to Coop Gulliver, to the flooded municipality of Nonantola, up to initiatives to combat gender violence. In 2022, the cooperative intervened to provide relief in the event of an emergency for Ukrainian refugees and supported national associations such as WeWorld and local associations such as Porta Aperta, because solidarity is an indispensable principle of cooperation for Abitcoop.

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