With LONGER discounts on laser excavators and accessories

Those who are looking for a laser engraver to create accessories and gadgets engraved on wood, aluminum and other materials at home will definitely need to purchase a special machine. In this field, LONGER is one of the reference brands for enthusiasts. The brand offers two of its flagship engraving machines for sale as well as accessories for an even more precise cut.

For those who do not know, LONGER is a 3D printing company founded in 2014, which launched LK4 PRO and LK5 PRO, two machines that are well received by users. As the laser engraving market developed, LONGER began investing in laser engraving research from 2020. By the end of 2021, the first touchscreen laser engraving machine, the LONGER RAY5, and its excellent user experience received much praise from critics and audiences; in July 2022, the first 10W laser engraving machine, the LONGER RAY5 10W, was released. Today, both are discounted.

LONGER RAY5 5W was the first engraving machine with touch screen, subsequently amplified by the 10W model, which incorporates its structure, operation, touch screen, but with double engraving power.

It is a machine that measures 67 x 61 x 20 centimeters and weighs almost 5 kilos. The working area is equal to 40 x 40 centimeters, and can therefore be used for engravings of a certain size. Considering that it can engrave different types of material so that it is almost universal and very versatile. For example, it can process wood, paper, plastic, leather, PCB and aluminum in terms of engraving, while it can cut cardboard, light wood (such as plywood up to 6 mm), acrylic and thin plastic.

As already mentioned, LONGER was one of the first companies to put a screen on consumer engraving machines. And in fact, the engraver is guided through a 3.5-inch screen, and the laser it uses is 0.08 millimeters. The entire system is controlled by a 32-bit, 240-MHz motherboard that supports both SD cards and USB sticks to acquire project files that can be created in BMP, JPG, PNG, DXF, AI, SVG and several other formats.

It can also be used by connecting it directly to a Windows computer (from the XP version onwards) through the LaserGRBL and LightBurn programs or on Mac and Linux with the LightBurn software.

As for the 5W model it usually costs $ 269.99, but with coupon RAY5$ 30 you can take it home for 269.99 euros.

The 10W model must be emphasized that, compared to the 5W model, it is able to have a greater engraving power, as it is able to reach 20 mm wood thickness and 30 mm acrylic. In addition, 10W laser spot is only 0.0036 mm² thin and 2 times thinner than normal lasers, making engraving even more accurate with fewer burn marks. In this case, the listing cost would be $ 459, but with coupon R510WSAVE30 Yes takes home for $ 429. In addition, from 1 to 31 July, you will have a 5W module for free, and the first 100 customers will receive a set of engraving materials completely free of charge.

With LONGER discounts on laser excavators and accessories

This set contains 77 pieces for engraving, to be exact 6 pieces of linden plywood with the dimensions 3.94 “x5.91” x0.079 “, 1 black acrylic plate 5.91” x5.91 “x 0.079”, 4 round wooden blocks 2.75 “. -3.15 ″ .48 pine cubes of 0.59 ″ x0.59 ″ x0.59”. Plus, 2 pet ID stamps, 2 self-adhesive 7.87 “x11.81” pieces, 12 metal business cards 8.9 x 5.1 cm, 1 photo frame 4.88 “x 6.85” “and 1 necklace measuring 1.93” x 1.1 “x 0. This set costs $ 39.99 but is a gift to the first 100 buyers of Ray 5 10W. Also with the 5W model you will pay a full $ 309.98.

With LONGER discounts on laser excavators and accessories

Last but not least, of the offers, the honeycomb ring nut to protect the table or desk where the machine is stored. In addition to protecting the workbench, the steel honeycomb structure has high strength and helps dissipate heat quickly. Also in this case the price is $ 39.99, but in combination with RAY 5W you buy it for $ 309.98.

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