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20/07/2022 – Open windows of your own home may seem obvious, but in reality it is very important: guarantees natural ventilation which allows you to keep the humidity in the rooms under control and thus keep the air healthy and avoid the formation of bacteria and hazardous bacteria.

Function that becomes necessary during the hot summer periods. If you do not have a cooling and air quality control system, the only solution to counteract the formation of water vapor and the risks involved is to open the windows and promote air circulation.

Against, the risk is finding many annoying insects at home. To avoid resorting to chemicals or natural deterrents that can cause poisoning, allergies and other problems, as well as being a source of contamination, an optimal solution is to install mosquito nets.

The mosquito net is one very useful and functional product as improve the quality of the environments we live in. Today, mosquito nets are not only a valid solution for country estates, but everywhere and especially in the city, because in addition to preventing insects from penetrating, they are also an excellent filter against air pollution, dust in the air and spring. pollen.

As simple as they are, in fact There are different types of mosquito nets on the market and this Focus is intended as a short guide to choosing the type that best suits your needs.

That mosquito net they are none other than very thin net, generally in fiberglass coated with PVC, attached to an aluminum frame and mounted on windows and French windows. There are also balcony mosquito nets that allow you to be comfortable outdoors.The mosquito net is entitled to the eco-bonus provided that due to their properties they can be assimilated to solar shading.

In the choice of mosquito net, the first concerns macro-distinctioninstallationwhat can be fixed or mobile.

There fixed mosquito net has the frame made with a motionless structure. This solution is suitable for windows or doors with special dimensions, such as skylights, portholes, revolving windows, etc., or for windows in environments such as on the ground floor and / or equipped with anti-theft grilles, for the windows in the basement, cellar or bathroom; generally in all those situations where it is not necessary to open or close the window frequently.

In all other cases, the most suitable solution is definitely that mobile phone. There are many models with movable mosquito nets: curtain with horizontal or vertical opening, pleated, spring, chain, monoblock and hinged with single or double door, sliding, with low guidance or with telescopic guide.

Once the installation type is defined, the choice will be made carefully the network to it must be very elastic to withstand pressure influences such as wind or accidental influences. It is suggested to prefer dense mesh nets because in addition to being more resistant they will be able to block insects more.

Installing a mosquito net means that a filter is inserted between inside and outside for the passage of light. In order for the colors in the living environment to remain unchanged, the proper visibility from inside and outside to be maintained and at the same time a high level of privacy is ensured, it will be necessary carefully choose the shade of the net.

To achieve these results, it is best prefer those with high density shades, as black or gray in the matte versions. But it must be emphasized that there are also nets in other colors such as white, ivory, brown or green.

Sui aluminum profiles on the other hand, it is possible to range from large tables of colors and effects, such as oxidized colors, lacquered colors, and colors in wood imitation.

Mobile mosquito nets, types

Mobile insect nets can be rolled up, pleated, panels or hinged.

In it rolled up mosquito nets the net slides on vertical or horizontal guides and rolls up. When completely closed, the net is completely rolled up inside the roller cover. The coiled insect nets are ideal for environments where frequent passage is not required.

The models with vertical opening open and close easily with a string or chain. There is also motorized version roll-up insect net with vertical sliding, which makes it possible to mechanize opening and closing of the product, which improves home comfort thanks to technology.

Those with a horizontal wrapping system have one spring drive and is equipped with a magnetic closure. If the spring operation is not well calibrated, it can cause a sudden winding, which in the long run irreversibly damages the mosquito net cloth. In the side sliding version for French windows, it is also important to choose guides with reduced thickness so that they are not an obstacle to the passage.

That pleated mosquito nets they are equipped with a cloth which, when open, is completely stretched, while when closed it is pleated or pleated. Unlike roller shutters, they are less bulky because they have no box and do not need the spring system. For this reason, I’m there ideal solution for smaller windows and patio doors. The net closes like an accordion with a folding system, sideways or vertically. Also in this case, the floor guide must have a reduced thickness to allow crossing in full safety.

In the pleated version, the opening is controlled, i.e. the network can be partially opened and closed and then stopped at any time. This feature makes the model pleated suitable for environments with frequent passage.

Another ideal solution for environments with frequent traffic, f with very wide opening light it is sliding panel mosquito net oa swing.

The mosquito net panel consists of one modular construction which adapts to the size of the window opening. In the sliding version, the panels slide on special side guides e.g. they pack one on top of the other. The hinged version generally consists of one or two doors. There are multi-door versions with book opening. In the panel model, it is possible to install a special opening to allow the passage of pets.

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