unified services in all structures

Pordenone – rest home, a new regulation To achieve quality parameters and have homogeneous services in all structures. This is what the region intends to do, and in particular the councilor for health and assistance, Riccardo Riccardi, to try to make the guests get a high quality of the services provided.

The example
“Even the experiences of the complex period of the pandemic, which unfortunately affected the rest homes closely, have shown the fragile points in the structures, which we are now going to improve with structural changes to the rules. We will make the legislation to protect the guest, be assisted and heal on the basis of its personal and only needs more coherent and uniform, so that the offer is not only linked to technical numbers of the structure, but primarily to the need. of the person who is therefore at the center of our reorganization path “. The Vice-Governor with delegation to the health of Friuli Venezia Giulia , Riccardo Riccardi, who illustrated two thematic points on the agenda of the Council of Local Autonomies (Cal) highlighted it; Points that will then be examined in detail by the members of the III Commission and then again reported to the Assembly of Local Authorities, to the subsequent passage in the regional council.

It concerns changes in the regulation of defining requirements, criteria and documentation for the structural, technological and organizational minimum requirements for the construction and practice of semi-residential and residential services for the elderly and the regulation for issuing institutional accreditation of residential structures and semi-residential for non-self-supporting elderly. A necessity that could no longer be extended because the pandemic has highlighted the fact that where there is a plan organization and a structure with high characteristics, not only the elderly guests live better, but also the quality standard is able to limit the damage in case of pandemic attacks, which happened with Covid.

Public service
“It must be said that the public, in our case the Region – added Riccardi – establishes the general address in the interest of citizens and people: therefore defines the regulation to which the whole system must adapt. The time has come to take a further step forward for the protection of our elderly who are welcomed in residential and semi-residential structures.We arrive at this point after an important coordination with the varied audience of carriers made up of public and private parties: the first, which mainly refers to the municipalities, and the private with an essential part of the social private system.The housing structures currently active in Friuli Venezia Giulia have very different histories between them: some specimens, others to reorganize, also in the not easy management of budgets and personnel . The maneuver – added the deputy governor – has already been shared”.

The loans
«The region intervened in an important way to support the structures, over time and in several directions, with a share of 3.5 million intervention in favor of the large costs resulting from the pandemic (for the 2021 exercise) and with an increase of 2 euros (from the current 18 to 20 to the day to which 12 euros are added per person for health expenses), of the fixed fee for the fee contribution recognized for the guests accepted in housing for elderly non-self-supporting connected, share related to income unchanged. At the end of 5 million to meet the balance of the structures and 3 million, finally, they were intended to support the large costs derived from the construction from the works provided by the Eisa announcement “. A series of investments aimed therefore at the elderly well-being.

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