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Rome, July 19 (Adnkronos / Labitalia) – The first fully digital school arrives, from lectures to study texts, in preparation for exams throughout Italy. It is called ‘Innova’ and is the digital platform for the Janus Higher Institute for Training, which operates with an innovative methodology and provides over 10,000 hours of online lessons. ‘Innova’ was created to respond to the problem of school dropouts, a phenomenon with dramatic numbers, a quiet emigration of 3 million students who have dropped out of high school in the last 20 years. Not only that, the crisis in the school world is also witnessed by another fact: according to a elaboration from Miur, in 2019 there were about 17,000 candidates outside the state exam, with a percentage of not admitted corresponding to 80%. In fact, when they leave the traditional path, children do not get the preparation they need and the risk of not completing the study cycle only increases.

Janus Digital School was created precisely to modernize traditional teaching methods and offer real support to students by integrating and improving the classic classroom teaching thanks to web tools. The Janus Institute was born of the founder Pietro Dipalo’s thirty years of experience in distance learning and from the desire to transfer knowledge that is truly oriented to the needs of the labor market: it is the first completely online school born with the goal of becoming a reference point for higher education, which thanks to the most modern technologies are able to meet the needs of all students residing in Italy and abroad. President Pietro Dipalo, leader and entrepreneur in the education sector with extensive experience in the world of training and e-learning 3.0, founded and developed the project.

The ‘Innova’ platform is completely dedicated to innovation: fast, intuitive and flexible, mobile first and fully responsive. In fact, Janus ‘new digital school emerges from the urgency of delivering a groundbreaking, integrated and multimedia tool to delivering an innovative and up-to-date educational offering through the widest range of devices (PCs, smartphones and tablets) with the aim of truly standing on the students’ side and their needs.

The Lms-Learning Management System – The ‘Innova’ platform is developed on a training model that promotes the path’s autonomy and personalization: available 24 hours a day, it contains all the teaching material, allows you to create a personal study plan and offers various functions, including assessment tests , recorded lectures, webinars and exercises, guidance and orientation, simulations and online Pcto. The project does not leave students with specific needs (Attention Deficit Disorder, Dyslexia, Dysgraphy, Dyscalculia, Dyspraxia) and offers them dedicated courses. In fact, learning is a versatile experience that involves the person from different perspectives: for this reason, live webinars were created at the beginning of the school year by psychologists who are experts in training, to teach students to organize their time and how to handle any moments of anxiety and stress.

The Internet and new technologies have radically changed the way we live, communicate, and learn, and schools cannot ignore this learning revolution if it does not want to become obsolete. In fact, new technologies can offer a valid help in creating learning environments that are able to support students, for a flexible, modular and autonomous training that is suitable for different didactic and cognitive needs, and which puts the individual at the center, in its uniqueness. For this, Janus has invested in research, teaching and technology: to guarantee a high-quality service that revolves around the students.

After registration, the student receives the login information for the platform and is immediately assigned a personal tutor, with whom he can agree for the first cognitive interview. The supervisor will have the task of determining the didactic access level by helping him to plan his study time and try to include any refresher moments in the programs, should the student provide the need for it.

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