Tennis how to start surfaces and tournaments

That tennis is among sports best known and practiced in the world. It is certainly not a popular sport in the etymological sense of the word, that is to say mass and without distinction between classes. If anyone in football can play even with little means and turn a passion into a tool for social revenge, the sport of racquetball is more complicated to play. The real boom was in the 1980s at the time of Panatta, Borg and McEnroe, when the tournaments were televised live.

The sport of tennis on the other hand, it is definitely fun at any level it is practiced, as well as being an effective workout that helps maintain physical and mental fitness at any age. Some studies conducted recently in England and Denmark even claim that the constant practice is an elixir of life, better than any other sports activity or training in the gym.


The sport of tennis

That tennis sport it is complete from all points of view, suitable for both children and adults and the elderly who do not have special pathologies. The important thing is not to tire the body and circulation with continuous training, especially in the summer, during peak periods, when the heat on the outdoor tennis courts becomes almost unbearable. For those with knee joint problems, it is better to avoid fields with synthetic and concrete surfaces.

Practiced at amateur level and without exaggeration tennis is a complete sport also suitable for children from five or six years, who can use rackets and balls that are lighter than normal to avoid any kind of trauma to the arms. In addition to physical training of coordination and development of the muscles of the whole body, the sport of rackets requires discipline and self-control and develops the character of children who are alone on the court in front of an opponent.

How much does it cost to play?

To play tennis there is no need to be a millionaire and it is not a particularly expensive sport compared to other leisure activities that often favor a sedentary lifestyle with serious health damage. Although in Italy it has always been considered a sport for the rich, equipment can be bought for a few 100 euros in large sports shops, and municipal courts can be rented for a few 1000000000000000 DKK.

To learn to play tennis you must enroll in group courses or take lessons with a single teacher. Do-it-yourself is not recommended because it is a very technical game and requires continuity and commitment as well as physical preparation. Prices for children’s courses start at around 500 euros per year for group lessons. You can also start with private schools run by certified teachers.

Advantages of tennis

From an athletic point of view is tennis is good for you because in addition to toning legs and arms, it engages the body as a whole. It is an intense aerobic workout consisting of sprints, volleys and long rallies from the baseline. By playing, you burn up to 600 calories per hour almost without even realizing it. Athletic preparation along with a good coordination ability is essential to maintain a match, but it is the concentration and the brain that make the difference.

When I tennis players player on the field at all times, they must evaluate the opponent and measure their strength to launch attacks on different fronts. In this way, the brain disconnects from everyday problems to focus on the action, which reaps great benefits. The great tennis champions know this well, above all Andrè Agassi, who told his story in a famous biography.

If a careful and precise mind is essential to winning a match, a 25-year research leaves no doubt the benefits of tennis also to increase the lifespan. The sport of racquetball, moderate from the point of view of physical exertion and very useful for socializing, appears ultimately to be able to extend lifespan by 9.7 years, more than cycling (3.7 years), running (3.2 years). ), play football (5 years) or badminton (6.2 years).

Tennis training

Nello tennis sport the body will have its share: speed, strength and endurance are needed to sustain an hour of intermediate level play. Physical effort depends on the level of the tennis player and the results you want to achieve. The advice is to start gradually, especially for those who lead a sedentary life and are not used to making efforts of any kind. To prepare, you may need to run, go to the pool or cycle just to arrive with a minimum of physical preparation and not tire the body unnecessarily.

Beginners can go to a master for the initial setup and then train with opponents of the same level. The choice of racket is not a trivial detail, it must reflect the needs and characteristics of the player. Style and preparation count in order not to incur unpleasant ailments such as tennis elbow and various inflammations in the joints. Warm up before starting with jumps, running in place and stretching along with good hydration before, after and during the match.

The surfaces of the fields

Not all tennis courts they are the same, the material changes but above all the way of playing. There are those who claim that clay is the only real surface of the great champions who have won tournaments at Roland Garros, Montecarlo Rome, while others prefer synthetic terrains in concrete or artificial grass. Clay courts were invented by two Englishmen who, looking for an alternative to grass, spread a clay powder on a field obtained by crumbling pots and bricks.

THAT clay courts they have a higher maintenance than synthetic ones in concrete, carpets or acrylic. The ball bounces more and favors a slower, more difficult, tactical and for some more beautiful game than the great strength and speed it takes on concrete. The fact that Americans define how dirt this surface, makes us understand how to play it can be tiring and unpredictable depending on the weather conditions and beyond. Among the natural fields, the grass is little used due to the high maintenance costs. The Winbledon tournament also owes its fame to the surface, which offers subdued rebounds and forces you to play quickly.

Famous tennis tournaments

That play tennis it is still very popular on TV, but there are portals on the Internet that provide access to a lot of information about the most famous tournaments with pictures and videos of tennis players. Live Tennis contains news about the results of international atp and open tournaments, live matches from the courts and standings. Tennisitaliano offers news about Italian and international tennis in the men’s and women’s field with match calendars, leaderboards with the best players in the world and tournament rankings.

Us Open One of the 6 largest tournaments in the world, takes place between August and September at the Flushing Meadows field in New York, but has a history that begins in 1881

Australian open First of four Grand Slam tournaments, takes place at Melbourne Park in the third and fourth week of January

The Miami Open Tennis Tournament, which takes place every March in America in Miami, has a sea of ​​protagonists and winners of profits, from Agssi to Sampras

Montecarlo It is one of the most prestigious tournaments and takes place in April. Among the many champions who won it in 1967 was also our Nicola Pietrangeli

Internazionali Italia It is the official website of the Italian Tennis Open in Rome and contains all the news and pictures from previous editions.

Atp world tour The website for tennis tournament results from the ATP circuit with news, results and rankings, the cards of the world’s best tennis players and news about international tennis

The Ws Open Western and Southern Open in Cincinnati, since 1899 is one of the tournaments with the longest history in international tennis

Wimbledon Wimbledon tournament history, present and future with pictures and webcams

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