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Volume Carocci is available for free download (just sign up on the publisher’s website and click on the “PressOnLine” link). School, work and territory. Tradition and innovation in educational courses for young people and adultsby INDIRE researchers Annalisa Buffardi And Fausto Benedetti.

The book, enriched by the contributions of Stefania Sansò, Annamaria Cacchione, Ciro D’Ambrosio and Patrizia Garista, suggests a range of experiences and reflections on the relationship between the world of school and work in the context of the social, cultural, productive and economic changes of our time. The scenario presented is the result of a study on the alternation between school and work in the years immediately preceding the transition to the definition of Pathways for the Development of Transversal skills and guidance (PCTO).
The first part of the volume is dedicated to the relationship between high school and work, starting from the analysis of eleven specific cases referred to as many Italian technical and professional institutes. The experiences examined have aimed at paths aimed at the creation of innovative services or products, mostly in the technological field or at least linked to the digitization of processes.
The second part focuses on the relationship between school and work with reference to adult education and in particular to the activities performed with adult learners from Provincial Centers for Adult Education (CPIA).
Through the analyzes made in the two education segments, the text attempts to delve into the complexity of the education issue in its relations with the present and with the future, in opening up to innovations and changes. The authors’ attention is focused on the elements that, in the experiences analyzed in the national panorama, seem to be central to the realization of an alternation between school and work that takes place today in a context that is deeply transformed. of economic, social and cultural change. .

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There is also a brochure about experiences in schools

Always on the same themes and within the same INDIRE research, we also draw attention to the publication of the brochure School, work, territories. Ideas and technologies in school practiceby the researcher Annalisa Buffardi with the contribution of Stefania Sansò, Ciro D’Ambrosio and Luisa Aiello, which describes the experiences that the individual schools have had, and highlights the design process and the product / service that has been created. It is products or services – based on the use of technologies – that bring young people’s ability to imagine creative solutions to the most current social and environmental problems into play. The schools involved in the study were selected following a study aimed at identifying the potentially innovative cases on the technological side and the most significant in relation to the field of entrepreneurship and global citizenship. Each case presents the articulation of the didactic, methodological and technological elements, giving ample space to the territory and to the partner subjects (local companies, multinational companies, associations or territorial bodies), which always play a central role in the interaction with the schools.

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The research project

Both publications have been created for the purpose of communicating the results of the work carried out by the INDIRE research group with the PON project “School, work, territories. Ideas and technologies in school practice “and the desire to make the school’s large capacity to take an active part in contemporary social, technological and vocational transformations. As a starting point for the study, the need to support students’ ability to imagine a desirable future by improve the creative skills capable of transforming ideas into action and thinking into ethical and sustainable solutions.

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