School contract, new round at Aran for renewal: some hope for other resources. It starts with an increase of 50 euros. The details

Negotiations on Aran will resume this afternoon at 15 on the contractual renewal of teaching staff and Ata: if, on the one hand, 20 July could be a final call for more resources, on the other hand, we must not be in illusions, even in view of the current government crisis, which undoubtedly can affect.

Education Minister Patrizio Bianchi wanted to close before the summer holidays, but at present the agreement is far away.

The unions aimed at a three-digit economic adjustment: up to € 300 gross. In reality, it will not go very far from 90 euros gross, which net will be 50 euros. We therefore look forward to the next budget law in the hope that Italy’s macroeconomic situation will not get worse.

What can happen to the financial part

More than € 2 billion available for the financial part for a salary recognition, compared to 2018, of 3.8%, which converted to euros means 90 euros gross, therefore 50 euros net in payslips.

After deducting the resources for arrears (not yet quantified), the so-called compensatory element of EUR 11.50 on average, which was foreseen in the previous one, would be included in the increase. CCNL 2016-2018. In that case, teachers were guaranteed average salary increases of EUR 96 gross per month (from EUR 80.40 minimum to EUR 110 maximum based on seniority and school grade).

Marcello PacificoPresident Anief called for a transitional contract, which, however, saw the slowdown from the other unions: “then Aran we will discuss the increases that Anief wants to take home immediately with a ‘bridge’ contract that overcomes the pending stance of the other unions. Above all, what is the point of waiting even months or years, since the average gross increase of 107 euros and the almost 3 thousand euros in arrears have already been determined? Why not let school staff have those who have to contend with an inflation that has exceeded 8% increase in the last period and not allow them to reach the end of the month, due to the expensive energy and the increase in overall exponential cost of living?“.

However, the unions are not optimistic, as they explained to Orizzonte Scuola in recent days: “I can not help but worry, because we were hoping to get additional resources from this government for the contract renewal. It will thus be difficult to continue with the Budget Act. The situation is certainly not positive from this point of view“, he said Rino Di Megliogeneral coordinator of the Teachers’ Guild, on the government crisis, which can further reduce the hopes of school workers.

“A quite disarming situation, to be satisfied with a wage increase of 50 euros is a slap in the face on the category, the moment is very delicate, we hope that the government crisis will be resolved as soon as possible”, he had in recent days told Orizzonte Scuola Elvira Serafini, Secretary General Snals Confsal.

What can change for teachers

For what concern department for teachersamong the government’s proposals is that contracting of distance learningemphasizing the need to regulate working hours, as well as safety or the right to disconnect.

The address letter provides news for class coordinators, department or supervisors of new hires. It is believed to increase these numbers without, however, causing an increase in additional burdens for the state.

Another chapter of great importance is compulsory education: teachers must be constantly trained and skills must be “rewarded”. The hypothesis of a political action calls for a real elaborate revolution with commitments, but also concessions: such as training during service and the remuneration of acquired skills. At this point, the eyes also focused on the recruitment reform, Decree 36, which is currently being debated in the Senate.

What may change for ATA and DSGA staff

In the case of ATA staff, however, the address deed allows for contractualization of agile work that can be exchanged for it in the present. The contract must define ways in which this can be done, regulating in particular rights and trade union conditions, with specific training, preparation and use of equipment, health and safety, working hours and availability, the right to interrupt, of re-entries.

A separate chapter will be the reformulation of the legal systems and the pay review with regard to the tasks of the Ata staff and the strengthening of the DSGAs. For this purpose, additional resources will be allocated that do not exceed 0.55% of the total salary in 2018.

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