open to all (and to the world)

The first candidates are boys from Bangladesh, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and the United States. Thus, the dream of a Euro-Mediterranean education in Sicily and southern Italy has been realized

Personalization, protagonism in the learning and growth process, openness to the world and to different cultures.

These are some of the elements that characterize what we can define as the first (and currently only) Euro-Mediterranean international training school to be present throughout southern Italy.

We are talking about the educational project of the “Gonzaga International School Palermo” (ISP), which in the Sicilian capital has realized the dream of having its first 12 graduates in Sicily.

It is boys and girls, not only Italians but also from Bangladesh, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, USA, Germany, Brazil who have achieved IB Diploma Program of the International School, aimed at students between 16 and 18 years of age.

Some of them have been ISP students since 2008, the year the international school was founded by the Society of Jesus, as part of the Gonzaga Institute project, now universally recognized as a program that provides access to all major Italian and world universities.

“With these 12 young people who have just graduated, we are truly making a dream come true that is pushing us to continue our mission – he comments. Vitangelo Denora, General Manager for Gonzaga Campus -. The beauty of Sicily stems precisely from an encounter between different cultures in the middle of the Mediterranean, which today can be recreated with renewed courage and determination. Our strong desire is to attract students to Sicily from all over the world and in particular from the south ».

Choosing to open an IB international school just one Palermo it is part of the Jesuits’ educational mission, which has always been internationality-oriented, and stems from the conscious will to offer an important service to the young people in the South and for those who want to participate in the great challenge of educating themselves. under the banner of multiculturalism, interreligiousness and global citizenship.

The only school accredited byInternational Baccalaureate in southern Italy, Gonzaga International School uses Palermo (ISP) English as the first language of instruction and an active and engaging pedagogy, with the aim of training future world citizens, open and supportive, ready for the challenges of an increasingly global and interconnected society.

Inside, it is therefore possible to find one complete schoolingaimed at children and young people aged 2 to 18, who offer a prestigious final high school qualification, recognized in Italy as a scientific high school or a high school for humanities, valid both for admission to the University of Italy and abroad for participation in public competitions.

A special study path that allows students to be very independent. This is how he describes his experience Francesco Salomoneone of the boys who went to international school.

“We did some personal research projects that linked them to real – world events. In my case, in particular, I did research on the subject of business, on motivational theories in the workplace, taking into account companies from around the world,” says Francesco. There is also a great opening in the teaching method towards the different countries and cultures in the world ”.

“Another significant aspect was, moreover, social engagement inserted in our course of study – he adds -. Many have had experiences abroad, in national and international volunteer activities. I will continue to study in America at the University of Pennsylvania, where I will participate in “Economics and Finance” ».

Gonzaga International School Palermo in recent years strives to be more and more accessible to all those who want to complete this kind of training thanks to scholarships made available to private individuals and the creation of an “education fund”.

“The best kind of service and charity we can do for our world is to offer a good education to the new generations,” concludes Denora. We believe that donating to this cause is an important cultural step that can bring new resources and energy to our young people and to a better world ”.

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