Infant air conditioning virus

Children Air Conditioner Virus: Is It True That You Can Get Sick With An Air Conditioner? How to avoid sore throat, colds, fever in summer

Infant air conditioning virus

The extreme heat of the last few summers puts everyone to the test, including children. We therefore follow the doctors’ guidelines and recommendations: do not go out in the hottest hours, dress lightly, drink a lot. And use some air conditioning. But what do we know about air conditioning virus, children and the possibility of getting sick? Let’s see together.

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First, we clarify: the air conditioner it is not bad, but some aspects need to be considered. First and foremost, energy consumption. If you keep it day and night, expect one bill really salty, especially in these times when the cost of energy has skyrocketed.

Also running engines produce heat, which tumbles into the cities. For this reason, despite the fact that doctors also agree on the usefulness of air conditioning and whether it is advisable to cool the air a little when it is too hot, it is good not to overdo it and prefer, if possible, the dehumidifier function. The temperature should also stay at a minimum of 25 degrees, but try it: already 2-3 degrees below the outdoor temperature will be enough to give you a refreshment.

Also when it comes to air conditioning virus, children and suffering we must not joke with: yes, our beloved air conditioner can make us sick!

Virus and air conditioning

How is it possible that you get sick from guilt air conditioning? As with other situations, there are so-called “air blows”: going from one very hot temperature a very cold not only reduces the immune system but also causes the body to react. This particular reaction allows the spread of viruses within upper respiratory tract (and not only), with consequent disorders. Fragile people are more exposed to these viruses, therefore also children.

THAT symptoms of disorders due to air conditioning are:

During a period when I infections from Covid is growing, so it is important to avoid getting sick from the air conditioner, with the risk of having to wipe every sneeze.

There are also higher risks than a simple sore throat: the thermal changes due for air conditioning exposing the blood vessels to continuous pressure, dilating and closing, causing cardiovascular abnormalities that can also affect children.

Furthermore, i.e. conditioner that are not maintained regularly are even more vulnerable because viruses, bacteria, fungi and fine dust lurk inside it, which are then released into the air at start-up. Trivially, you can also find mold or traces of legionella in the filters of your air conditioner.

How to use conditioner properly to avoid diseases

If you want your children or your parents not to be exposed to risks, follow a few simple rules that will allow you not only to endure the heat, but also to make it safe:

  • in order not to heat the house too much, keep the doors closed shutters or laugh shutters and air only in the evening, so you will need less air conditioning
  • make sure you have conditioner right to the size of the room
  • set the function dehumidifier and only if this is not enough, switch to air conditioning
  • set a temperature not less than 25 degrees
  • Avoid turning on air conditioning if you are sweatyto freshen up and be careful when the kids come home
  • Does not sleep with air conditioning on but if anything, set the ignition periods using the timer

L ‘air conditioning it is very useful in enclosed spaces in the summer when the temperature reaches 30 degrees and well above. But it is also a vehicle for virus, bacteria, molds and more. On the one hand, the sudden temperature changes make the organism much more prone to infection and to pollution, on the other hand, the filters in the balms themselves can be an ideal place for the spread of viruses, microbes, fungi. Check the filters at regular intervals, making sure to set a temperature of no lower than 25 degrees: and if your child complains of a sore throat, try turning off the air conditioner!

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