How to choose them based on style and design

Select the interior doors one of the most important moments when renovating a house or furnishing a new building. The doors actually represent a design and furnishing element in every respect. The task of interior windows is to guarantee optimal functionality while improving environments from an aesthetic point of view. That current market It offers a wide range of different solutions in terms of materials, models and design: also therefore important to make a reasoned choice, even more so in the event that you have in mind to renovate.

The suggestions from Garofoli

Cauliflower a reference brand in the sector for inside doors, thanks to a long experience gained over 50 years of history. What offered the brand a decidedly varied design proposal, thanks to which the Garofoli group was able to establish itself in the world of interior door production both in the residential destination and for Hospitality and contract sector. There are nine types of openings, including possible to choose with the doors from Garofoli: there are actually tipping doors, fan doors, roller doors, mix doors, book doors, sliding doors external walls, wall sliding doors and swing doors with one, two or more doors.

The style of the windows

THAT windows They must be characterized by a style that reflects the style of the furniture, but at the same time it is appropriate to pay attention to the functionality, taking into account both the available spaces and the practical needs that are proposed to be satisfied. It must never be forgotten that the main purpose of the doors is to separate the interior spaces of a house, to offer privacy; They are also a point of passage and focal point among the rooms. On the market it is possible to find different types of windows, also in terms of colors and materials. What matters to identify the best solutions in terms of quality and for this reason that it is better to contact a serious and reliable manufacturer.

The revolving doors

One of the types of interior doors that can be selected pour, formed by a single door or several doors. It is a solution that has the ability to adapt to most rooms, unless you are dealing with rooms where there is not enough space to open the Lanta. The swing door is often chosen with two more doors separate the sleeping area from the living room. A window that can also be placed at the end of an entrance hall or at the beginning of a corridor, and for this reason it can be different from the other doors of the house. If the size of the apartment is limited, it is ideal to use doors with glass, for a not too heavy effect.

Sliding doors

An alternative solution can be identified in sliding doors, which have the advantage that they are less demanding from a space point of view. We are talking about windows formed by one or two sliding doors or externally or internally on the wall (in this second case inside a counter chassis). If you are about to perform a renovation, it may be a good idea to redo the windows, if only to save a lot of money. In fact, it should not be forgotten that the sliding doors require special masonry work that needs to be done in an apartment that is already furnished.

Choice of materials

Glass and wood are the two types of materials most often used for the structural part of the door. Especially solid wood guarantees important qualities in terms of solidity, quality and resistance; The wood, on the other hand, is suitable for being combined with glass. Still, it deserves to be considered the drummed wood, ideal for a light door. If you choose glass, desirable that it is layered or hardened. In any case, the result that can also be achieved is noticeable also for the Leleganza that derives from it.


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Published on July 20, 2022

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