Future mobility with Musk’s electric cars

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If until a few years ago, that with electric cars was an almost impossible reality to imagine, today Tesla electric cars they are increasingly present on the market and on our roads. Elon Musk, Tesla ownerwas a pioneer and forerunner of a real revolution in transport and mobility, launching on the market vehicles characterized by a high level of technology and environmental sustainability.
Let’s find out more about this new scenario together!

Who is Elon Musk?

Eccentric, innovator, futurist. Elon Musk is a well-known character both in the car world and in the jet set. Tesla founder And Tesla CEOone electric car house, has developed a range of high-performance vehicles equipped with electric propulsion motors and high-level mechanics. It is actually no coincidence that his company got its name fromInvents Tesla and is committed not only to the production of high-performance and innovative cars, but also to solar panels and energy storage systems. The construction sites of the Tesla models are mostly located in the United States, but the company has announced the construction of some offices also abroad. These are the Gigafactory located in Shanghai and Berlin.

Especially followed and appreciated, the Musk’s electric cars they have received and continue to receive important investments from various leading figures in the technological and financial fields, marking partnerships with equally important groups such as Lotus, Toyota, Panasonic and Daimler AG.

Tesla models

The first Tesla model was presented in 2006 and produced from 2008. This is it Tesla Roadster, conceived on the basis of the Lotus Elise, which has changed the way electric cars are conceived. In fact, if previously such vehicles were considered slow and difficult to handle in everyday life in the city, with the Roadster it was possible to admire a fast car (Tesla Roadster maximum speed of 201 km / h with an acceleration from 0 to 100 km in 3.7 seconds) and with a range of 340 km.

The roadster was then followed by vehicles Model S (a luxury sedan), Model X (an SUV with vertically opening doors), Model 3 (a sedan with fully digitized dashboard) e Model Y (a crossover version of the Model 3). To date, a road tractor and a Cybertruck are also under development.

How much does a Tesla electric car cost?

The question from those interested in the world of electric cars is related to the amount of investment required to buy an electric car.
That price of one car New Tesla varies from model to model. Specifically, it starts from around fifty thousand euros for the Model 3 up to around a hundred thousand euros for the Model X.

The best electric car for a sustainable future

Access to new technologies and the need to abandon old habits, which are harmful from an economic and environmental point of view, led E. Musk, founder of Tesla, to invest in new and original engines, intelligent and performance in terms of performance. Tesla vehicles to date are considered best electric cars present on the market and represent the future in the collective imagination. This is confirmed by a steadily increasing sales volume and the fact that Tesla cars are among the cars on which the greatest international attention is focused.

After Tesla’s success, other car manufacturers have also started investing in electric. In the current market, there are several models that are able to meet the needs of the modern consumer. This scenario was also made possible thanks to Tesla publishing its patents in 2014, which have also been used by other car companies. It is enough to consider that in our cities the typical bars for convenient and fast recharging of these vehicles are also increasingly present. Some of them are made by Tesla itself.

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