First communion and confirmation gifts: the 10 best ideas

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The warm season, a bit like a hymn to life, brings many with it festive occasions e ceremonies summer, such as first communions and confirmations. They certainly can’t show up empty-handed, but it’s not always easy to celebrate the event’s little protagonist. What can help then is a guide to 10 first communion and confirmation gifts perfect for girls and boys, as well as boys and girls. From the most classic items to modern proposals, you will be able to interpret the wishes of the celebrated.

First communion gifts

When it comes to gifts for the first communionthere are usually two ways: to walk classic or focus on inspiration, originality and the articles that you know are among the most desired by children. To begin with, let’s talk about evergreen gifts: basically they are ideas for gifts which allows you to always be on the safe side, in the name of tradition.

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The chain with the little angel

ONE great classic for everyoneand especially for little girlsand chain with the little angel: sometimes it is also brought as a gift along with other gifts. It is the symbol oflove and protection of the guardian angel. One of the most popular models is still the one of Mokilù: that the chain is made of hypoallergenic steel and pendantin the version presented here, also shows some brass insertswhich defines the wings of the little angelin the middle of whose form is also put a zircon. The chain can be purchased online at Amazon with a few clicks.


Analog men’s watch

The wristwatch

To baby who makes his first communion, gives it to himselfwrist watch, which should be her first such accessory. With’Men’s watch Swatches analog and quartz, equipped with a silicone strap, you want to give it something really special tendency: when the little one grows up, he will also be able to dive there, as it is one of the best diving watches In circulation.


Women’s charm bracelet

First communion gifts for girls

Addressing those who are me First communion gifts for girlsagain you can choose something classic or for one 10-year-old girl gift for communion ideas can orient themselves to objects or tools that are capable of stimulate his creativity.

The bracelet

A little girl around 10 years of age will surely love to adorn herself with jewels of all kinds: the bracelet in silver, therefore it may represent one of the first “important” gifts for her. Especially charm bracelet Pandora it is also very practical because it has sliding adjustable closure: there will be no size issues.

The instant camera

Not just the digital world: the instant camera allows you to snap and print photos on sensitive paper instantly. One of the most famous and feminine is Fujifilm Instax Mini in Blush Pink: to always carry in the backpack, it will help the little girl to develop the sense of composition and thus her creativity, as well as to cement her friendships, of which she will be able to retain a “material” memory. And anywaysnapshot it is always an object funny.


Electric scooter for children

Baby communion gift ideas

Between movement and technology ideas for communion gifts for a child must stimulate him to be physically and mentally active – here are a few tips.

The scooter

Let’s talk about tendency the moment in mini format: between gifts for communion will be very welcome the scooter for electric child. That Razor Power Core E90 is made to children over 8 years oldhas a moped from 85 watts and rechargeable batterywith a’autonomy of at least 80 minuteswhile the frame is made of steel: you buy further Amazonoften also by taking advantage of good discounts.

The tablet

A sure sought after tool is the tablet: if you want it give to a child’s first communionmake sure that device handling takes place under parental supervision and for which it is mostly used educational purposes. The tablet suggested here is Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 Android: for the complete list of its features, you can consult the product sheet at Amazon.

Gift ideas Confirmation girl

For the slightly older children, the period is over Confirm: doubt arises again, regarding what to give. So let’s start with some tips about ideas for a girl’s confirmation gift. We are approaching the teenage years and girls are starting to pay more attention to body care: i Confirmation gifts for girls proposal takes this into account.

The skin care set

The beautiful skin care set FOREO UFO 2 could be a pretext for spend some time together, mother and daughter. An introduction to skin care knowing that it will help the girl to have a mature approach to herself: moreover, the products in the set represent a way innovative to use a face mask and they are also active against small imperfections and acne.


ghd Max Styler – Wide Blade Straightener (Black)


The flat iron

There is no reason to go around it: the iron of it GHD is the holy grail ofhair carethe only one capable of securing one perfectly folded together with soft and shiny hair. On Amazonamong the users’ favorites and ready for delivery, it is GHD Max.

The drone

Give him as a gift the drone that he wanted so much and will be eternally grateful to you: from landscape views to selfies, from recording sports achievements to simple fun, this is unity of the millennium. Among the best are DJI Mini 2available with a few clicks Amazon.

The Smartwatch

Perhaps he has already seen it with the greats and, if practiced sports in your spare timeit may also be useful to him: it is the one smartwatch and if you want to make him happy, don’t skimp on pointing out one of them latest models Garminalways at the top of the category.

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