Fires in Karst: on the run from houses in Jamiano, the village evacuated. The wind turns: flames against Rupa and Savogna and Medeazza again. Blackouts in Trieste are not ruled out. Evacuations in Slovenia

TRIESTE. The fire front continues to keep the territory in check, the air has now become breathless in Monfalcone, Sagrado, Savogna, Staranzano and Duino Aurisina.

In all these municipalities, the respective mayors have issued or are in the process of issuing relatives executive orders to make the inhabitants wear the Ffp2 mask.

The flames invaded the villages of Doberdò in the morning. Around. 13 Jamiano was evacuated and residents were welcomed at the Gradina Center in Monfalcone (details below). Shortly afterwards, the inhabitants of Sablici joined them.

Virtually all day, the fire spread from Medeazza to Devetachi, pushing as far as Italian territory as far as Rupa towards Savogna, retreating and advancing depending on how the wind turns, which has changed direction per day all day. on average every 15 minutes, making interventions difficult.

The railway network and the motorway will remain closed, both at least until Thursday morning.

The point of the fire: the interview with Councilor Riccardi

Riccardi: “I have never seen a fire of these proportions”

The fire front: from Jamiano to Duino, then towards Rupa and Savogna d’Isonzo, and again towards Medeazza (Duino)

The smoke, blown by the wind, also arrived at lunchtime over the area of ​​the municipality of Duino Aurisina with the flames going to Medeazza. Here, the mayor has in advance made residents aware of the possibility of leaving their homes. The fire front therefore moved towards Sistiana, where the Castelreggio plant was closed.

Around 4pm the wind turned and the front moved towards Merna, Rupa and Savogna d’Isonzo. Around 6 p.m., the fire returned to threaten Medeazza.

Merna seen from Rupa (photo Marega)

Rupa at 18.30, two helicopters in action

Evacuations in Slovenia

The fires on the Italian Karst have also spread beyond the border, in Slovenia and four villages just beyond the border are considered to be in danger.

This was announced by the Slovenian news agency STA in the afternoon.

The authorities, writes STA with reference to the Slovenian civil protection, have invited the population to leave Sela na Krasu, Hudi Log, Korita na Krasu and Nova Vas.

In the morning, the news spread about extinguishing a fire that broke out yesterday between Miren and Opatje Selo, in an area further north than what is now affected by the fire.

All Slovenian rescue forces in the area have been activated and reinforcements have been withdrawn from other parts of the region and Slovenia, added the STA, which states that there are currently about 600 people fighting the flames, also assisted by police and army.

The general situation has been made more precarious “by the wind that has changed direction”, leading to a rapid “escalation” of the situation, the agency said.

Five firefighters sought medical attention for respiratory problems and minor burns. According to the portal, two Canadair and two Italian helicopters allegedly provide assistance to contain the fire in Slovenia. Three houses would be on fire, the portal added, citing sources from the Slovenian civil protection.

The pictures from the early afternoon

Situation in Medeazza:

The situation in Duino:

Sky over Duino:

The sky above Duino: the fire is moving towards Sistiana

Dark sky also in Ceroglie



Hamlet Jamiano has been evacuated: fled from the burning houses

Around 11.30am, the flames were vigorously revived in Jamiano (Doberdò del Lago) so much so that several families living in via Simon Gregorcic and other arteries were forced to flee their burning homes.

Then came the order to evacuate the site, which has about 200 people. Carabinieri in action.

About twenty tankers from Slovenia also arrived at the site.

The first displaced people arrived at the Gradina Center

The evacuation of Jamiano

Jamiano’s evacuation intervention was engulfed in flames

The first evacuees in the Gradina center (photo Bonaventura)

The testimony of Gradina (interviews by Giulio Garau, video Bonaventura):

The displaced women in Jamiano speak: “We saw the flames”

Displaced by the fire, the Deputy Mayor of Doberdò Vlasta Jarc is coordinating the reception

Castelreggio a Sistiana facility closed

Chef Gian Carlo Ceolotto’s testimony: “The wind is blowing towards Trieste and the Iamiano fire is very close, the smoke is not as low as last night, but reaches as far as Sistiana. Civil protection came and closed everything in Castelreggio

Smoke column Wednesday in Ronchi (Marega video)

The column of smoke seen from Ronchi

Situation in Savogna d’Isonzo (Photo Marega)

Situation in Rupa in Gorizia province (photo Marega)

Traffic on a slope: motorway, roads and trains blocked

Photo Bonaventura

The Autostrada and Vallone, like the railway tracks, are still out of traffic.

In the evening, during a meeting in the prefecture of Gorizia, the possibility of opening the motorway on Thursday morning is considered, but only in the direction of Venice – Trieste and only minus the night’s unforeseen events.

So far, the heavy traffic coming from the A34 is being directed towards Cervignano by the police at the Villesse roundabout.

Photo Lasorte

In the Sistiana-Monfalcone section, the lorries are lined up in the right-hand lane, while the lorries in the left-hand lane are virtually stationary.

The circulation along the road to Grado, due to the stacked trucks, continues very slowly. Cows from Anconetta, on the other hand, for transit to the port and Trieste.

Very large nuisances for car traffic in an area between Ronchi, Sistiana and Vallone.

Fires in Karst, heavy traffic on the motorway

Train: In light of the situation, RFI plans to reactivate rail traffic on Thursday morning.

The press release released Wednesday morning by Venetian Autovie

There are no conditions for the reopening of the A4 motorway on the stretch affected by the fire in Karst. Vehicle circulation can only be resumed when the safety of road users and Autovie Venete staff is fully guaranteed. The situation is constantly monitored by the company’s technicians in coordination with the prefecture of Gorizia, the Fvg region, the civil protection, the traffic police, the fire brigade and all the bodies involved in the management of the roads off the motorway.

Last night, the motorway concessionaire completed a double act.

The first was to establish the obligatory exit at the Villesse barrier for those coming from Venice and on their way to Trieste. Therefore, the section from the A4 / A34 closed the junction to the Liseret barrier and the same connection to Trieste. Basically, it was decided to use the bypass to the A34 to relieve the Redipuglia toll plaza.

The second action is a consequence of the one carried out yesterday afternoon, when it was decided to store 600 heavy vehicles on the motorway between Sistiana and Trieste Liseret, in an area that was far from the area affected by the fire. , to prevent the same. articulated vehicles can further overload the external roads. Given the fall in currents in the evening, thanks to the precious support of the traffic police, the heavy vehicles were safely released from the highway and escorted along the regular roads.

The motorway between Sistiana and Redipuglia remains closed for those coming from Trieste and going to Venice with a mandatory exit in Sistiana.

A mask is mandatory in Monfalcone: all details in the regulation

Meanwhile, an urgent trade union order, number 22, was issued around 10 a.m. Wednesday, July 20, requiring all Monfalcone citizens to wear the FFp2 mask outside due to the situation with the Pm10 and petrol levels. the night in the territory and discovered by Arpa.

The issued provision suspends the completion of the Wednesday market and stipulates that all work activities involving outdoor exercise are always carried out with personal protective equipment, again the Ffp2 mask. In addition, “the administration, as written in black and white, advises everyone to stay at home, keep the windows closed and keep pets inside”.

He is always urged “not to gain access to the areas of the maritime state property Marina Julia and Marina Nova.” Especially here, according to a verbal announcement on the sidelines of the executive order, boat owners are urged not to anchor in the dam area since water has been taken from Canadair, and it is important not to prevent the firefighting operations on karst The deed was signed by Mayor Anna Cisint.

Breathable air: Fincantieri closed

Fincantieri, as experienced by the administration, “sent the shift workers home” because of the air conditions defined as “breathable”, although the Arpa leaders have at this time excluded the body from dangers to public health.

It is not the burning of a chemical plant, but acres of green: that is how it has been explained.

The municipality of Monfalcone is trying to close the Wednesday market and has urged citizens to stay home: the Panzano and Romana Solvay districts are the most compromised because the sharp smell and the thick haze of smoke have enveloped houses and streets at night.

All outdoor municipal youth activities are suspended. There are problems with waste collection, also due to the very serious difficulties in urban and non-urban circulation. With the first light of dawn, work on air vehicles resumed as well.

Two Canadair in action

From Rome to Canadair with scheduled arrivals at 7.45 and 8.30. However, the situation, compared to the devastating Tuesday, appears to have clearly improved on the fire containment front.

Lasorte pictures:

And we continue to question what may have triggered the three forest fires that have effectively isolated Trieste from the rest of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

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