Fire today at Carso, families evacuated to Jamiano: risk of blackout in Trieste

About 200 inhabitants of Jamiano, a fraction of the municipality of Doberdò del Lago, were evacuated a little while ago because of the fire that broke out yesterday, in three points, in the Karst between Trieste and Gorizia. Latest updates. In Monfalcone, where the Fincantieri plant has been closed, the use of ffp2 masks is recommended.

The situation in Jamiano

Last minute updates on Italy, which continues to burn. The fire front continues to keep the territory in check, especially the town of Monfalcone, with the air now becoming unbreathable, and the villages of Doberdò del Lago (Gorizia). Around. 13:00 Jamiano was evacuated due to the fire that broke out yesterday, at three points, in the Karst between Trieste and Gorizia, and which also touched the Slovenian side of the border: reports Tgr Rai. According to the latest news from the Fire Service, the situation is slightly better, but “the flame fronts are not yet under control”.

The thick smoke led to the closure of the large facility Fincantieri of Monfalcone. A decision made for the approximately three thousand direct employees at the factory located between Friuli, Slovenia and Croatia. The group clarified that the measure was taken to protect workers’ health. Also divert the cars passing through the area.

The flames reach Slovenia

In Slovenia, at least four villages are considered to be at risk. This was announced by the Slovenian news agency STA in the afternoon. The authorities, STA writes with reference to the Slovenian civil protection, have invited the population to leave Sela na Krasu, Hudi Log, Korita na Krasu and Nova Vas.

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The Friuli Region recommends the use of Ffp2 masks

In view of the air quality situation in the areas affected by the large fire that developed yesterday on the Carso, the municipalities of Doberdò, Sagrado, Savogna d’Isonzo, Ronchi dei Legionari and Staranzano will be invited to adopt ordinances , which, on the basis of the one already adopted by the Municipality of Monfalcone early in the morning today, recommends the use of Ffp2 masks outdoors in the evening hours and to keep the windows closed as much as possible, limiting the movements to the strictly necessary . This was the decision under the table, quickly convened in the Prefecture of Gorizia in the presence of the Vice Governor of the Region and Councilor for Civil Protection and Health Riccardo Riccardi, Councilor for Environmental Defense Fabio Scoccimarro and Councilor for Forest Resources Stefano Zannier.

Smoke cloud in Jamiano

Smoke cloud in Jamiano

Families evacuated to Jamiano

“At the moment there are no major damages. However, the evacuation was carried out against some families to Jamiano, who have houses on the side of the road. The problem is primarily due to sudden wind changes and from the many open fronts on uneven terrain. , and it is the worst that can happen, so it is impossible to make predictions “about the depletion of the fires. The prefect of Gorizia Raffaele Ricciardi, who went to Jamiano to participate in the evacuation, said this to the microphones of Trieste broadcaster Telequattro.

Isolated Trieste, mayor: “Electricity and water at risk”

“The electricity supply in some areas of Trieste may soon be interrupted, which may also have consequences for the water supply”, which uses electricity to operate pumps. This was stated by the mayor of Trieste, Roberto Dipiazza, directly on the local TV Telequattro. Dipiazza announced, precisely because of this danger, that some tankers will arrive in the city tomorrow and also for the same reason invited the citizens “not to take the elevators” to be in contact with Terna and to have heard about upcoming electricity interruptions.

From emergency decree 500 thousand euros

Meanwhile, the Vice-President of Friuli Venezia Giulia in charge of civil protection, Riccardo Riccardi, announced that he has signed together with the president of the region, Massimiliano Fedriga, “The decree for the emergency fires in Friuli Venezia Giulia: immediately 500 thousand euros for the protection of public safety, securing the territory and reimbursement to municipalities for temporary accommodation of displaced persons and assistance to those affected.”

The situation with fires in the rest of Italy

Meanwhile, the extinguishing operations of the huge fire that has destroyed the hills of Massarosa, a city in the province of Lucca (at least 80 hectares destroyed), also continue. But still in Tuscany, today a fire has developed on the outskirts of Florence in the Mantignano area, near Argingrosso and Isolotto: the flames have caused a tall column of smoke that is visible from a large part of the city.

During the night, fires also broke out in Sicily and Sardinia. Fires also in Campania.

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