Draghi: mobilizing Italians for this unprecedented government, from school to business

That speech by Prime Minister Mario Draghi to the Senatein the light of confidence, he takes stock of the first months of his reign and announces his intention to remain at the helm.

“Last Thursday I resigned in the hands of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, after the loss of the majority of the national unity that has supported the government since its beginning. President Mattarella has refused my resignation for reasons that I share. My, a painful , but necessary choice”. When I took office, “we had to face the three emergencies, pandemic, economic, social, with a high-profile government that does not need to identify itself with any political formula, but is facing major emergencies that cannot postponed. All parties have chosen to respond positively to that call. In this room, I referred to the republican spirit in this government”.

“A prime minister who has never introduced himself to the voters must have the broadest possible consensus in the Folketing. The very broad consensus in Parliament made it possible to achieve the urgency requested by the President of the Republic. Thanks to the health containment measures, the vaccination campaign, the support for families and businesses, we have started the economic recovery, we have managed to get out of the recession earlier than other countries. The PNRR has launched a reform and investment plan unprecedented in Republican history.

“We reacted with absolute firmness to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. We are convinced that Italy must have a leading role within the G7, but at the same time we must commit to peace. We moved quickly to overcome the unacceptable energy dependence on Russia as a result of short-term and dangerous choices. We have invested in renewable energy sources to increase our energy dependence. We have allocated 33 billion in just over a year despite our tight margins, thanks to our international credibility. It was your honor to put the differences aside for the good of the country. Yours was the best response to the appeal of the President of the Republic. The Italians in turn supported this civil miracle and became protagonists. I think of the patient compliance with the restrictions to contain the pandemic, I think of the spontaneous welcome, Ukrainians are offered, who are welcomed in families and schools with solidarity. Never as in these moments have I been proud to be Italian”.

“Not voting confidence in a government you belong to is a clear sign that you cannot ignore it because that would be like ignoring Parliament. It is not possible to minimize it because it comes after months of tears and ultimatum The only way if we want to be together is rebuild this covenant with courage, altruism and credibility. To ask, are the Italians. The mobilization of Italians these days is unprecedented and impossible to ignore: it has involved the third sector, schools, universities, business“.

“Together with the PNRR, there is a need for a real social agenda. Since the beginning of the government, we have shared a working method of regular meetings with the trade unions and companies. Today, it is important to continue this discussion and define the interventions to be implemented in the Budget Act. In year, we will take action without new budget slippages. We must approve a significant measure to reduce energy costs in early August. We must push for the renewal of the collective agreements, many have expired for many years. Collective bargaining is essential. We must guarantee decent wage levels for the suffering groups. There is a need for a pension reform that guarantees a sustainable system rooted in the wage system”.

When will we know the outcome of the trust?

According to the agenda known after the speech of Prime Minister Mario Draghi, the speech between 10.30 and 11 will be delivered to the senators for general discussion. The senators’ debate cannot last more than 5 and a half hours, until around 4:30 p.m. At that time, President Draghi will be able to respond and communicate his decisions. Should Draghi choose to remain seated, the explanations of vote can begin at 6:40 p.m. The same process will be repeated tomorrow in the Chamber.

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