Aston Martin spread wings with the new logo

Aston Martin’s iconic wings take off in an intense new era, with the British ultra-luxury brand launching a new creative brand strategy and global marketing campaign to further accelerate growth among the new age groups.

Celebrating the company’s position as a manufacturer of high-performance and exquisitely exciting cars and centered on a brand idea based on the motto Intensity. the creative identity based on Aston Martin’s solid reputation, known for its ability to combine luxury craftsmanship and sophisticated design with high-octane excitement and intense driving pleasure, as evidenced by the breathtaking new models including the DBX707, V12 Vantage and the relentless Aston Martin Valkyrie.

This strategic repositioning is the most major investment by the Aston Martin brand over the past ten years; an investment that will consolidate the company’s undisputed leadership in the ultra-luxury sports car segment. The initiative stems from the growing fascination that Aston Martin exerts on an increasingly broad, global and affluent audience that the brand intends to strategically address, reaffirming the manufacturer’s core values.

In addition to the new verbal and visual expression, this radical renewal will also give a modern touch to the iconic winged logo, created by world-renowned Aston Martin designers in collaboration with renowned British art director and graphic designer Peter Saville.

The new winged logo has literally taken shape from the skilled hands of the artisans of Birmingham’s Jewelery Quarter and will be used for the first time on the next generation of Aston Martin sports cars, underscoring the essence of ultra-luxury, performance and driving intensity.

It is the first major renewal of the brand since 2003 and since Aston Martin’s birth 109 years ago, the logo has only been significantly changed eight times. To mark the launch, Aston Martin released a behind-the-scenes image of the unique goldsmithing process at Vaughtons in Birmingham, the 203-year-old silverware workshop famous for creating the Football Association Cup and medals for the 1908 London Olympics.

Aston Martin Wings Badge Production_07 Fantastic

This weekend, theThe Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant F1 team will proudly display the new winged logo on their livery at the French Grand Prix. To celebrate 100or anniversary of the brand’s first participation in the Grand Prix, Aston Martin will symbolically race with the very first version of the logo on the nose of the cars, the same one used at the first Grand Prix of the British house in 1922.

Intensity. Driven. will come to life in an exciting short film which shows all five high-performance Aston Martin models in production. The film conveys the feeling of driving and the emotional bond that drivers establish with their car, showing the stimulating physiological effects triggered by driving an Aston Martin; scientifically proven effects through the visualization of sensory data related to pupil dilation and heart rate, achieved through biometric testing during incredible high-speed laps aboard an Aston Martin Valkyrie, the hypercar of undisputed supremacy.

Globally, through social media and digital and print media, a range of high-impact resources will also be disseminated, accompanied by evocative images and emotive and sophisticated texts, both short and long, celebrating Aston Martin’s passion for craftsmanship. attention to detail and winning performance.

The words of Renato Bisignani, Head of Global Marketing and Communications at Aston Martin

Starting with our return to the pinnacle of motorsport in Formula 1, the launch of Intensity. Driven. marks the next phase in our revolution of the Aston Martin brand, whose potential we want to exploit and optimize our privileged position, opening up new horizons in the ultra-luxury and high-performance segment.

This creative direction has allowed itself to be guided by emotion, while maintaining the elegance and sophistication that has always characterized our brand and our products worldwide: the result is a logo that, with its bolder, cutting lines and intense highlights the characteristics which has always characterized Aston Martin.

In this way, we want to involve the customers who have sworn us absolute loyalty, and at the same time we are firmly convinced that this new dimension will be able to capture the growing demand of a new generation of Aston Martin customers who currently represents over 60% of sales volume.”

The words of Marek Reichman, Executive Vice President and Chief Creative Officer at Aston Martin

The purpose of our design is to make people fall in love, to speak to the hearts and minds of our customers, therefore every object we design at Aston Martin has a deep meaning and intention and is created with honesty and emotion.

We are approaching a turning point in the development of our products, but the lines of the new winged logo have remained unchanged. Every millimeter of every line – of every shape within the new wings – emerges from the depths of our creative source Aston Martin, which was now bubbling 109 years ago.

Thanks to the collaboration with Peter Saville, an icon of British graphic design and a source of great creative inspiration for me, we have been able to take our exploration and development of wings to another level. And now, to see this new identity literally take shape in Birmingham’s Jewelery Quarter is a time of great pride for all who took part. It is the first step in putting the wings at the heart of our next generation of ultra-luxury high-performance sports cars.

The new Aston Martin logo

Last change: 20 July 2022

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