100 at maturity, final hours to join the School Technique initiative aimed at increasing excellence

Last hours to participate 100 at maturityinitiative of School technology which aims to show the excellence of all Italy. The project is particularly aimed at student who took the final state exams in secondary schools throughout Italy, obtaining the highest grades, with or without distinction.

The very successful initiative came abouteleventh edition. There are many students, teachers, school leaders and parents who have joined it with pride and enthusiasm.


In the list of centimeter of 100 at maturity contains the names and related stories of outstanding students who have overcome the difficulties caused by the pandemic and linked to the return to the final exams of written tests.

What does the initiative consist of?

Pupils who have completed the second school cycle report a grade of 100 or 100 cum laude and who would like to give visibility to an excellent result, they can send us their own image, which comes completely into photo gallery of centrists of School technologyboth on our tecnicadellascuola.it portal and on our social profiles, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

In other words, this year as well as last year, the initiative is largely rejected on social networks, whereas in previous editions only space was given to students on the information portal. A novelty, namely the maturity in 2022, which gives boys and girls the opportunity to relaunch the initiative on their Facebook and Instagram channels.

The photo gallery of the centrists will be updated periodically until the end of the initiative, d July 20, 2022.

To participate…

To participate in the tenth edition of 100 at maturity you must write to [email protected] by sending the following data:

  • name and surname of the student who has achieved a grade of 100 or 100 cum laude at upper secondary school
  • name and address of school, class and department
  • image of the scoreboard for the final results (jpg format)
  • reference telephone number (for editorial use only)
  • photo of the student (1080 × 1080 pixels)
  • permission to publish

The report (documented as described above) can be sent to School technology by parents, but also by the student himself (if of legal age).

Or alternatively…

Write to [email protected] by sending the following materials:

  • PARTICIPATION FORM (duly completed in all parts, including the permission to process data)
  • Photo of the scoreboard for the final results (jpg format)
  • Student photo (1080 × 1080 pixels)

Choose the appropriate form between the two to be followed, print it, fill it, sign it and send it back to the email provided as a scan or as a photo:



As has happened in previous years, we will only publish the names of those who send the complete documentation.

To participate as a school

If you are a director of a school or a teacher and you want to give visibility to the centers in your institution, collect photographic materials and participants’ permissions (you can also use our forms if you prefer) and send us everything to the email: [email protected]

Take care of privacy

It is important to emphasize that the data sent will be processed in accordance with the European regulation (GDPR 2016/579) and the personal data protection code (Legislative Decree 196/2003).
For this reason, in order to participate in “100 by Maturity” it is necessary that the student’s parent or guardian or the student himself, if he is already of legal age, must give his consent to the publication of the images and the processing of personal data (as indicated on the participation form).

Personal data will be securely removed in accordance with our data retention and deletion rules by 16 September 2022.

To find out more, visit our GDPR information page.

The educational reasons for the initiative

For years, the Italian school has been working, and also successfully, to find new and increasingly effective strategies spaciousness for the most vulnerable students. A pedagogical-didactic attention that makes the Italian school a model in and outside of Europe. But today the concept of inclusion is broader in school.

The point at which School technology has chosen to pay attention to is just that: inclusion it means not only attention to fragility, but also sufficient improvement of expertise.

We remember that too the topic of improving expertise was introduced by Law 1 of 11 January 2007 and, after an initial trial phase, is now regulated by Legislative Decree 262 of 29 December 2007explains the same Ministry of Education which, through the roll of honor established at national level, collects the names of deserving students to give them visibility and financial awards.

Why improve expertise with a social media image?

Because we have chosen a channel that speaks the children’s language and that speaks the children’s language, can communicate the message to them: studying is cool!

Social identity

Educating yourself in the correct use of digital tools and social media actually also means learning how to choose what image you want to build of yourself. Everything we post helps build ours social identity – by now it is quite clear – so why not invite children to promote the results of their scholastic engagement?

Equality (Equality)

And there is more, because we also like to emphasize the gender issue. In education for equality, making room for girls’ myriad academic successes (often superior, numerically, to boys’) seems a plastic way of remembering that women still occupy subordinate roles in light of a successful school career. companies and receive inadequate wages, a sign that their merits are undervalued compared to their male counterparts.

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