When schools and companies team up to find the X Factor

ONE competition in stages to reward the X Factor. And at the same time create new bridges between school and business to build the competencies that the labor market requires. This was the path to the “Talent Factor for Iveco”, the Iveco and Adecco project targeting 30 last year’s students from the ISS Galileo Galilei, Is Greggiati and Is San Felice institutes in Mantua province.

From January to May, five Iveco company tutors supported the students, divided into five groups, in developing as many work projects. The final results were presented at the Iveco plant in Suzzara, in the province of Mantua. And on the occasion of the closing event, the winning team was nominated, awarded by a jury that took into account various evaluation factors such as technical complexity, industrial feasibility, innovation and communication.

“We have chosen to give life to the initiative together with Adecco, motivated by the desire to strengthen the network with the area’s professional schools,” says Elisabetta Olivero, HR at the Iveco plant in Suzzara. “Young people will continue to be the beating heart of our production facilities, so it is important for us to make this connection with schools.”

The boys were able to work with the technical skills required in the various production phases of the plant, but also and above all on ability transverse. “The school environment tends to focus a lot on the theoretical aspect, but a little on the practical,” Olivero says. The Talent Factor experience allows students to develop a different view of production reality that they have hitherto only known through textbooks, helping them to understand what the world of work really is and to acquire the additional skills that are not is able to learn in school ”.

The project not only represented a valuable opportunity for growth for the young people involved, but also gave rise to a virtuous mutual pollution between students and business teams. As teacher Francesco Lo Castro tells us, supervisor of production at the Iveco plant in Suzzara: “The student presence was also a stimulus for the company itself. Interesting and unexpected ideas emerged along the way. And also for us it was a formative experience. Explaining technical notions and concepts to young people approaching our reality for the first time helped me improve professionally, even in communication with my own team ». And from a personal point of view “it was exciting to follow them, to perceive their enthusiasm and also to encourage them to present their ideas and help them overcome the fear of making mistakes”.

The trainers followed the boys to the factory, which made them touch the production chain, but they also created a series of videos and animations to allow them to better understand the workflow.

At the forefront, for all students, there is now the opportunity, once they have completed their studies, to gain access to Iveco Academy’s projects and deployment in the company.

In short, a real and concrete dialogue between business and school. Each goes beyond its usual boundaries and looks out to the outside world. All thanks to the planning and coordination of Adecco, which has always been a privileged interlocutor for companies and candidates.

“Based on our daily experience, we have developed this concrete integration project between company and school”, explains Michela Santonastaso, Onsite Education & Academy Manager at Adecco Italia. A project that «provides value both to the company, which has the opportunity to make itself known among young people, and to students, who have the opportunity to interact with the company’s representatives and to understand the production dynamics up close. But not only that: an experience of this type also allows them to develop skills that are central to their professional future, such as the ability to work in a team, results orientation, creativity, the ability to convey the fruits of their labor. occupation. That active who guided us in the development of this initiative was aimed at guiding young people, inspiring them through innovative methods ».

For the company, it certainly represents an investment in terms of time and energy, but with a long-term vision. “A company like Iveco is always oriented towards the future and cannot help but look to the schools: We strongly believe in training,” explains Elisabetta Olivero. “And we believe it is essential to be able to look out into the world to seek and attract tomorrow’s talents. It’s like sowing something, a seedling that needs watering and that takes time to grow. But which will ultimately bear fruit ‘.

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