Wenglor sensors for Romaco Macofar’s MicroRobot 50

MacofarThe Bolognese business unit in the multinational Romacospecializing in machines and systems for processing and packaging pharmaceutical products and specialties, has chosen to equip its system MicroRobot 50 with the sensor solutions of wenglor sensory group.

The latter is one system equipped with three anthropomorphic robots that perform filling, coverage and coverage in an aseptic environment of cytotoxic products in glass bottles – with powder, liquid and also in combined filling – specially designed to integrate with the insulation technology.

The features of the MicroRobot 50 made the Romaco Macofar designers carefully choose the sensors to be fitted to the machine according to the high environmental criticism in which they are used. , but also with aggressive liquids, cleaning agents, etc., which are normally used during washing or biocycles – decontamination, for example with hydrogen peroxide (VPHP), and to which they must remain immune.

InoxSense, a winning answer for Romaco

InoxSens, the hygienic series from wenglor, proved to be the optimal solution. Equipped with a laser welded V4A (1.4404 / 316L) stainless steel case, for complete hermetic closure and resistant to even the most aggressive chemical agents, the devices in the InoxSense series are characterized by some design features that make them suitable for application in accordance with EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group) and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) regulations.

The geometry that characterizes the InoxSens designs offers a hygienic design which, thanks to the lack of sharp edges and the exclusive InoxLock fastening system that allows mounting without gaps, guarantees perfect washability and resistance even to high pressure jets (IP69K). All this without compromising on flexibility and ergonomics, as the adjustment of the devices, like most wenglor sensors, takes place using the Teach-in button, which can be activated through the hermetically sealed housing.

Macofar, a business unit in Romaco, relies on the sensor solutions from wenglor sensoric for its MicroRobot 50 system, a highly innovative machine for precision dosing of powders and / or liquids in glass bottles

Among the sensors that Romaco Macofar has chosen to mount on its MicroRobot 50 machine are the InoxSense models in reflective and reflective barrier technology used to detect transparent objects. In this specific case, these sensors were used to detect glass bottles immediately before entering the dosing station (powders and / or liquids) and at the exit of the closing station. In addition to the reflective technology, direct diffuse technology was also used. On the MicroRobot 50, there are sensors with red light background attenuation, which are used for recognition – with scanning from above – of the load level, ie the correct amount, of the rubber caps and of the ring nuts inside the respective. vibration feeders.

WeQubeVision laser sensors and systems

Verification of the level inside the bottles in the filling station is entrusted to a high-precision laser range sensor, the operation of which is based on the principle of angular measurement, performed with a high-resolution CMOS optical scale processed in DSP technology. This technique eliminates any, even small, difference in coupling points that may be due to the type of material, color or brightness. Equipped with two independent switching outputs, the sensor allows you to adjust two different threshold values ​​and a switch-on and switch-off delay in steps of 10 ms.

WeQubeVision technology is used instead to ensure the actual presence of the bottles on the robots’ gripping equipment. WeQubeVision vision sensors, whose performance is based on wenglor’s MultiCore technology, have autofocus features and targeted processing in areas of interest, ensuring optimal object detection. Features are available to perform dimension and presence checks, check order sequences, process counts, detect orientation, count pixels, filter images, and perform statistical evaluations.

The laser sensors for measuring the filling level inside the bottles and the weQubeVision system for presence control on the robot were not naturally available in InoxSense design, and came with the accessory V4A stainless steel boxes, which Wenglor makes available for many of its models.

Never change a winning team

As emphasized in an official note to the press of Riccardo Giannoni, Head of R&D Business Unit Macofar in Romaco: «For our MicroRobot 50, we have chosen the solutions from wenglor, a company with which we have collaborated for some time, not only for the quality, but also – and in this case above all – for the ability to guarantee full compliance with the hygienic-sanitary standards to which our machines must respond“.

As completed by Elio Bolsi, general manager of wenglor sensoric italiana: «With particular reference to the pharmaceutical world, Romaco Macofar is a world expert in processing and packaging technologies. Its machines, such as MicroRobot 50, represent the most advanced point of innovation, and it makes us proud to have participated in the realization with those who, in our opinion, represent the best sensor solutions on the market at the moment, ”he emphasizes.

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