Two children from Liguria at the Zecchino d’Oro 2022: The genius Francesco will sing “Zanzara”

Genoa. Also two small representatives of Liguria will participate in it alledition of the Zecchino d’Oro 2022broadcast at November on Rai 1with artistic direction by Carlo Conti.

Francis, 5 years old, comes from Genoawill sing “Mosquito”, Written by Luca Angelosanti and Francesco Morettini, with Olga, 6 years, from Paola (CS) and Diana, 6 years, from Monza.

Joel, of 8 years Final Ligure (SV) will sing “Play with me dad” written by Enrico Ruggeri.

Francesco and Gioiele are two gods 17 small soloists – who should interpret 14 songs in competition – selected from 3536 children who from all over Italy sent their video performances on the platform dedicated to Casting of Zecchino or have their voices heard live, presents itself on the stages arranged by Zecchino in various cities in Italy. The last phase of the casting took place in person: a party in Antoniano in the company of music!

With the young performers of the new edition, the number of children who participated as soloists at the Zecchino d’Oro rises to 1084 from the first edition of 1959 to dateof which 40 from Liguria.

The selected songs, selected from 550 suggestions arrived at Antoniano after notification from authors, they blink to different themes more and more common among children. So the desire to grow up quickly stands in contrast to playing and enjoying the moments with his father and social and current issues, such as. the beauty of diversity and environmental considerations, they become even more real if the little ones are the advocates. To borrow their art to write the songs that the 17 performers will bring to the stage in Rai1 – along with historical writers by Zecchino – Checco Zalone, Enrico Ruggeri, Deborah Iurato, Virginio, Cesareo di Elio and the thrilling stories of Filippo Pax Pascuzzi, Margherita Vicario and Eugenio Cesaro degli Eugenio in Via di Gioia.

The songs will be collected in a signed collection Sony Music Entertainmentwith the musical direction of Lucio Fabbriand will be distributed over the next few months also on digital platforms.

Here is the complete list of songs and their respective artists coming from different regions of Italy who will sing them along with Small Chorus of the Antoniano, directed by Sabrina Simoni:

  • MAMBO RIMAMBO ” (Lyrics and music by Gianfranco Grottoli, Andrea Vaschetti and Andrea Casamento) sung by Frida Ruggeri, 8 years old, from Moncalieri (TO);
  • “IT REQUIRES PATIENCE” (Lyrics by Carmine Spera and Flavio Careddu – Music by Valerio Baggio) sung by Beatrice Marcello, 4 years old, from San Fermo della Battaglia (CO) red Elias Pedrini, 9 years old, from Parma (PR);
  • “SOM KONG KONG” (Lyrics and music by Gianluca Giuseppe Servetti and Margherita Vicario) sung by Giulia Baccaro, 10 years old, from Gravina di Catania (CT);
  • “THE BEAR WITH THE ICE” (Lyrics by Mario Gardini – Music by Giuseppe De Rosa) sung by Benedetta Morzetta, 8, from Cerreto Guidi (FI);
  • THE COOLED DRY ” (Lyrics and music by Gianfranco Fasano and Antonio Buldini) sung by Eleonora Busacca, 6 years old, from Ragusa (RG):
  • “THE WORLD ON POWER” (Lyrics by Maurizio Festuccia – Music by Francesco Stillitano) sung by Susanna Marchetti, 10, of L’Aquila (AQ);
  • “MOSQUITO” (Lyrics by Luca Angelosanti – Music by Francesco Morettini) sung by Francis Berretti, 5 years old, from Genoa (GE), Diana Giorcelli, 6 years old, from Monza (MB) e Olga Gorgone, 6 years old, from Paola (CS);

  • “THE PANDA WITH WINGS” (Lyrics and music by Virginio and Daniele Coro) sung by Mariapaola Chiummo, 7 years old, from Scicli (RG);

  • “LET US PUT THE BAND” (Lyrics by Davide Capotorto and Roberto Palmitesta – Music by Alessandro Augusto Fusaro and Giuseppe Carlo Biasi) sung by Ferdinand Catapano, 9 years old, from San Giuseppe Vesuviano (NA);

  • “THOUSANDS OF STRAWBERRIES” (Lyrics by Massimo Zanotti and Deborah Iurato – Music by Massimo Zanotti) sung by Maryam Pagliarone, 9 years old, from Rome (RM);

  • “SONG OF THE WEEK” (Lyrics and music by Eugenio Cesaro) sung by Clear Paumgardhen, 9 years old, from Sant’Angelo d’Alife (CE);

  • “SWEATER” (Lyrics by Filippo Pascuzzi – Music by Filippo Pascuzzi and Davide Civaschi in Cesareo Art) sung by Maximilian Peralta, 7, of Sardinian origin from Warsaw (PL);

  • “PLAY WITH MY FATHER” (Lyrics and music by Enrico Ruggeri) sung by Joel Frione, 8 years old, from Finale Ligure (SV);

  • “VERY YOUNG FATHER” (Lyrics and music by Antonio Iammarino and Luca Medici) sung by Giorgia Nocentini, 8, from Reggello (FI).

The 17 interpreters, together with the Antoniano Choir, will also be spokesmen for “Operating window”, The Solidarity Project for Antoniano of Bologna, which supports 17 Franciscan canteens that they guarantee a hot meal, but also listening and comfort, to the thousands of people and families in difficulty throughout Italy. Especially this year, Operation Pane was immediately next to the population Ukraine to offer help and support with interventions in the country, at the borders and in Italy, where thousands of people continue to arrive since the beginning of the war.

Photo by Ermanno Ivone

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