The future ruling class passes through the university

In a constantly changing context, it is fundamental to adapt to change, understand it, study and work to become an active part of it. But innovation starts above all from education and from targeted, inclusive and acceptable study paths to changes in the environment, society and the world of work.

Universities play a leading role in this process. It is in the university’s classrooms that the future ruling class is formed and prepared for the present and tomorrow’s professions. This is the goal of Trieste University. For years at the top of the national rankings among the best Italian universities and among the few included in international rankings, Julian University is enriched with three new degree courses and expands its offer.

UniTS excellence for access to the world of work

The study paths proposed by UniTS aim to prepare students for intellectual, scientific and highly specialized professions that will understand and adapt to change, for a complete and modern education, supported by permanent updating and investment in programs designed to promote student engagement. also in foreign realities, with agreements with other European and non-European universities, to contribute to quality education and positive personal growth.

As photographed by the AlmaLaurea 2022 report, UniTS is among the Italian excellence with the best employment rates. In fact, one year after qualifying, 82% of the three-year candidates and over 83% of the candidates have found a job. Figures showing an increase of 9% compared to last year, which turn out to be well above national rates, stand at 74.5% and 74.6% respectively. By extending the analysis period to five years from the title, the percentage increases to over 92% of the employees (the national average is 88%).

UniTS training offer

The university’s higher education offerings include 76 different educations, master’s and individual educations, 17 research doctoral degrees, 28 specialization schools, 23 master’s educations, 5 higher courses and 3 teacher educations. To which it is necessary to add hundreds of agreements on education abroad and over 3,000 internship agreements, which also allows us to guarantee net average salary above the Italian average, in contact with scientific and higher education institutions such as SISSA, Area Science Park and Synchrotron.

In the last two years, many educations have renewed their educational offerings and adapted it to the current requirements of the world of work. The University of Trieste has also activated 6 new programs: two master’s programs (coordination and management of educational services; nursing and midwifery) and a bachelor’s degree (health care) in 2021; two more master’s programs (Sciences for the Marine and Coastal Environment; Geophysics and Geodata – Geophysics and Data) and a master’s degree in one cycle (Primary Education Sciences), in 2022.

In addition to the new activations, many educations have renewed their educational offerings and adapted it to the current demands of the world of work, including historical and philosophical disciplines; Letters; Materials and chemical engineering for nano-, bio- and sustainable technologies; Economy, Environment and Development; Maritime engineering; Medical and diagnostic biotechnologies; Ecology and sustainability of global change.

The three new UniTS programs

The degree in Geophysics and Geodata enriches the teaching offer in English and offers through the concrete dialogue between geophysics and physics a modern curriculum that is able to develop specific skills in computer science and scientific calculation applied to the study of the earth system. and the processes involved.

Marine and coastal environmental science, on the other hand, aims to educate graduates with a broad understanding of marine systems, where biology, chemistry and geology will be integrated with economics and sustainability, creating cross-cutting skills capable of tackling global challenges of climate change and human population growth.

Finally, Primary Education Sciences, also thanks to the synergies with the Department of Mathematics and Geosciences, Life Sciences and Physics, promotes theoretical and practical training in pedagogical, didactic and psychological disciplines that characterize the profile of the school teacher. and primary. The trail, the only one of its kind in Italy, aims to develop school practices to encourage the inclusion of all girls and boys in a climate of harmony and openness to the future, and also provide specific training for those who want to teach Italian. schools. by using the Slovenian language.

UniTS, registrations and grants

Enrollment in the new academic year has been active since July 11 at a university that is all the way back to being present, but which also allows you to study at a distance and thanks to the contribution of the most modern digital technologies enters for “inclusive education” Dedicated to specific categories of students (weak / disabled, adults / workers, parents, athletes, prisoners).

There will also be important changes and confirmations in the form of financial concessions and student grants. The University of Trieste is thus rediscovering itself as an increasingly affordable reality. For the academic year 2022/23, the area without tax was actually raised from 25 thousand to 26 thousand euros, and the broad system of total and partial exemptions, reductions and contributions based on profits was maintained.

Thus, the total exemption for the winners of the Regional Agency’s scholarships for the right to university education has been awarded in recent years to 100% of those eligible, and the benefits based on merit, which constitute half of the total contributions to exemptions, remain in force, partial and reductions, which testifies to the outstanding results of UniTS students and the university’s commitment to reward deserving students.

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