School, Principals’ Waltz: Marcantonelli changes Classico upgrade to Fiorillo, Tombesi and Gattari

ISSUES the decree of the regional school office, which redefines the management roles of the institutes of the province. Excellent starts, confirmations and transfers: different passages from the first training cycle to high school

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Anna Maria Marcantonelli

from Alessandra Pierini

The school holidays come to life, but the regional school office is very active in the tasks necessary for the reopening of the schools in September. A mandatory step is redefining leadership positions. In fact, transfers and confirmations by the principals of the high schools and the extensive institutes of the Marches have been made known by a special decree.
In particular with regard to the province of Macerata, the transfer of Annamaria Marcantonelli from the classic high school “Leopardi” in Macerata to the classic “Leopardi” in Recanati. The leader leaves after nine years at Classico (three “mandates” is the maximum allowed), of which she had over time become the charismatic point of reference, for the many innovations that have come, for the ability to collaborate and involve school staff in many initiatives and also for the struggles waged for the benefit of pupils and pupils.


Angela Fiorillo

It arrives in its place at the Classico di Macerata Angela Fiorillo, until today dean of the comprehensive school “Paladini” in Treia. An upgrade for her from elementary school to high school, and that’s not the only promotion.
Sabina Tombesi, until June, at the head of the comprehensive institute “Mestica”, will be at the head of the art school “Cantalamessa” in Macerata. Again, this is not a surprise: his predecessor Claudio Mengoni had announced his next retirement at the end of the Soclastic year. He arrives at ITC “Gentili” in Macerata Alessandra Gattari (so far at Leopardi “including the Institute of Potenza Picena and Montelupone), which will take the place of Roberta Ciampechini, who in the last school year has played a double role and will retain the leadership of the” Galilei “scientific high school in Macerata.


Sabina Tombesi

Francesco Giacchetta he will move from Ipsia “Corridoni” to Iis Da Vinci in Civitanova to replace Flavia Maria Teresa Cannizzaro, who is moving to Abruzzo.
As for the comprehensive institutes in the province, these tasks are: Simona Sargolini at “Strampelli” in Casteraimondo, Gloria Gradassi to ‘Sant’Agostino di Civitanova, Claudio Orazi in Colmurano, Natascia Cimini by Cingolani of Montecassiano, Natalia Virgulti at Leopardi by Potenza Picena.


Alessandra Gattari

Three nominal positions await a real task: Roberto VespasianiDirector of the Provincial School Office at Ipsia Corridoni, Francesco Mezzanotte at Ipsia Don Pocognoni in Matelica e Lauretta Corridoni at the comprehensive Tacchi Venturi Institute in San Severino. Set aside instead Francesca Iormetti at the extensive “Mattei” Institute in Matelica. Confirmed or extended all the other presidents of the province.
As regards interregional mobility, the regional school office states that 13 outbound transfers and 16 leaders have been registered in Marche, who have instead been given the position of school leader in schools in Marche. The regions of origin are mainly Emilia Romagna, Veneto and Lombardy, but also Friuli Venezia Giulia and Umbria.


Ugo Maria Filisetti

“The seats that have remained vacant and vacant – continues the note from the School Office – at the end of all operations will be allocated with subsequent provisions from the director to the new employees in the role, within the framework of the quota that will be allocated to Marche by the ministry or to the regent by means of a special public decree, as for the 14 schools that will be underloaded for the next school year.For the latter, the provision defining the numerical criterion for declaring an undersized school from 600 to 500 was enrolled (300 for institutions located in mountain municipalities), however, extended to 2024. This will make it possible to formally define 13 schools as normal sizes by 2022/23, but this will not lead to an increase in the number of posts for school leaders available for their coverage. , so except in special cases, the total number of annual regents in the Marche will continue to be given by the total number of educational institutions down with a number of students. less than 600 (400 in mountain municipalities) “.

School Leaders 1-1

The award ceremony of the students from 10 and praise. In the middle, sitting in the front row, the leaders Annamaria Marcantonelli and Angela Fiorillo, who will lead the two classical high schools in the province of Macerata

Nine years with Classico, Principal Marcantonelli towards the end of leadership


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