Research and automation in Austria in the new ABB campus in B&R

Published July 19, 2022

ABB inaugurated its new campus for innovation and education at headquarters for B&R in Eggelsberg, Austria, a global center forautomation of machines and factoriesL ‘artificial intelligence and software solutions of the group.

The campus will create up to 1,000 new high-tech jobs and includes, among other things World-class R&D laboratoriesas well as global training facilities for up to 4,000 people annually, in collaboration with universities. ABB has invested 100 million euros in the expansion of B & R’s headquarters, which now spans further 100,000 square meters and employs about 2,400 people, making it one of the largest places in Central Europe for integrated manufacturing, research and education. The extension will free up additional space that will be used as additional production capacity to meet the growing demand for B&R products. At B&R, ABB also installed one of the largest photovoltaic systems for own consumption in Austria, and the additional modules on the new campus will increase total production to 1.8 MW with a self-consumption of approximately 98%.

Campus innovations within AI and automation they will play a key role in unlocking the potential of future industrial production, in sectors such as electronics, electric mobility, Food and drinks, Recycling, logistics And agriculture. By increasing the productivity and flexibility of these industries while helping customers become more sustainable and ea produce closer to their final markets.

ABB CEO Björn Rosengren said: “Innovation has been in ABB’s DNA for over 130 years and our division, B&R, is a true innovation benchmark for transformation to more automated production. The official opening of this campus is a proud moment for ABB, as we create highly qualified jobs, while shaping the machines and factories of the future together with our customers ”.

The Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer thanked ABB for the important initiative: “Investment in our companies is always important investments also for the future of Austria. The pandemic, disruptions in global supply chains and now the war in Ukraine clearly remind us of that we must become more independent if we will be prepared for future challenges. I’m so glad ABB is making one important step in bringing production back to the home country with the opening of its new innovation and training campus. Campus is not just one engine for digitization and automationbut it will also create jobs and contribute to Austria’s prosperity. In a rapidly changing world, facilities such as the new ABB Global Campus are of paramount importance to Austria’s role in the global economy and generate growth as a center of innovation and investment. The ever-growing digitization and automation of our industries will be the key to reindustrialisation of Europe and also to bring production back to Austria. Throughindustry homeshoringwe create new jobs, protect Europe’s supply chain and seize the opportunities for a more sustainable future ”.

Sami AtiyaChairman of ABB’s business area robotics and discrete automation, added: “This is a decade of transformation towards robot technology and automation, as our customers respond to the global shortage of labor and supplies, the acceleration of consumer demand for bespoke products and the need to operate more sustainably. ABB’s new campus will function as collaboration center with customers from all over the worldhelps them respond to these trends and supports B&R in becoming the preferred partner for the most ambitious industrial automation projects in the world ”.

According to ABB research, 8 out of 10 companies in Europe and the US plan to automate further And 7 out of 10 to approach or re-establish their production. The volume of the global addressable market for machine and factory automation is currently estimated at $ 20 billion annually and is expected to increase to $ 31 billion a year by 2030. In this context, the acquisition of B&R in 2017 today gives ABB the opportunity to offer industrial automation customerscomplete range of integrated hardware and software solutions for control, activation, robot technology, sensing, analysis and electrification.

ABB’s Innovation and Training Campus will serve as open innovation hubwhere B&R will work closely with international customers, companies and start-ups across the region as well as research and educational institutions to jointly develop automation solutions and train the talent needed for the factories of the future.

“In Austria we register one record number of vacancies – said the Austrian Minister of Labor Martin Kocher -. At the same time, the number of employees is higher than ever. This makes it even more important tackle the skills gap in Europe, to keep pace with the digital transformation and seize the opportunities it offers. B & R’s new campus with its dual training program is an important example of how to bring European manufacturing companies to the forefront of the world with qualification and innovation initiatives to successfully address the current economic situation and social challenges ”.

Jörg TheisPresident of B&R, finally declared: “Education will have top priority on campus. Our Automation Academy it will provide inspiration and training opportunities for up to 4,000 students, apprentices, customer experts and staff worldwide each year. ” Theis added that B&R intends to offer dual education at the university level in partnership with higher education institutions.

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