Recovery plan, the insane demand for gyms: in Tuscany a school out of 5 is ok, in Sicily only one out of 36

Funded with Pnrr 444 school gymnastics, 298 already exist to be restored and 146 built from scratch. There Campania with 70 admitted initiatives, it is first among the twenty regions, bypassing Sicily which exceeded that for schools without a gymnasium, at least according to the register of schools of the Ministry of Education.

It is not the only anomaly. Many oddities pop up as you scroll through the rankings, and after all, the announcement, released last December, contained several foolishnesses. The first was to give students a weight, whether they had a school already equipped with a gym or without. And then there was an obvious oversight: Giving value to the percentage of schools without a gym without taking into account the absolute number of schools. A serious math mistake. Therefore, in the division between regions, the situation for those Basilicata (70% of the institutes without a gymnasium) compared to Campania (42%) without taking into account that in Basilicata 70% of 643 buildings make up 447 and in Campania 42% of 4,116 buildings make up 1,720.

And then we came to the paradox that a project for the renovation of a fitness center presented by the province of Matera will receive the requested 615 thousand euros, despite the fact that it has achieved only 5 points; while questions of a similar nature from centers such as Giugliano, San Giorgio a Cremano, Torre del Greco or Casal di Principe were not allowed despite the 15 points. And in some northern regions, projects have been cut short, collecting 25 points, of which a request from Milan stands out. Yet i Lombardy however, there are many schools without a gymnasium, 975, which is more than double the 447 in Basilicata. Among the new constructions, Matera still comes in with 20 points, Avellino can not cope with 50 points.

The most preferred region is Tuscany because almost 3% of the schools do not have a gymnasium, ie 98 buildings. Nevertheless, 22 projects were admitted to Tuscany, more than one in five. In this particular ranking follows Basilicata and Sardinia, which thanks to the announcement will cover about one school out of ten. Campania is in line with the national average of 4% coverage, or one school funded every 25th without a gym. It’s worse in Sicily, with one project taken for every 36 buildings without a high school. And in the north, the bad treatment stands out Veneto And Friuli Venezia Giulia, with only one loan for every 67 buildings without a fitness center for the region led by Luca Zaia and one for every 74 buildings for the one run by Massimiliano Fedriga. Even Stefano Bonaccini’s Emilia Romagna collects a little, with a yes for every 40 schools without a gym.


Overall, the South is not treated badly. 52% of the schools without a gymnasium, which in Italy number more than eleven thousand, are located in the eight southern regions, and the share of finished resources in the macro area is exactly 52% of the total number. So Minister Bianchi can be said to be pleased with the result, but here he resembles the students who at the end of an equation with many steps miraculously stand with the result written in the book despite having made several mistakes. It happens when there is a good deal of luck that mistakes compensate for each other.

The problem, however, is the difference between formal compliance with allotment percentages and real targets. Looking at the former, the South cannot complain. If you look at the students who go to institutions without gyms, there is a bitter taste in the mouth because most buildings in the north as in the south will not receive support and only in three regions, namely Tuscany, Basilicata and Sardinia, will be a significant impact.

The grant from the NRP for school gymnastics was 300 million, an amount supplemented by 31 million awarded by decree of the Minister of Education. On that occasion, the canteen offer was also reopened, refinanced for 200 million, with applications that can be submitted until 22 August. “The resources – the Ministry of Education is pleased – are distributed on a regional basis and meet the criterion that gives at least 40% of the grant to the regions of the South: The regions of the South have obtained over 52% of the funds, for a total of 174,747,786 euros. the expiry of the executive order, last February 28, was 2,859, for a total of 2.8 billion out of the 300 million available loans applied for. ”It is therefore a sign of a push from the territories to improve the sporting part of teaching. “The increase in gyms and infrastructure for our girls and our boys – he said Patrizio Bianchi – represents an important tool for building the open, spacious and loving school that we want. Sport is a major ally of the school. But also mathematics, in ministerial offices, should not be neglected.

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