MAB at Buonaccorsi, a virtuous example of collaboration between school and museum

MAB at Buonaccorsi, a virtuous example of collaboration between school and museum

MAB in Buonaccorsi, a virtuous example of collaboration between school and museum | Macerata municipality

Thatexperience with MABa project coordinated by teachers Margherita Apolloni And Stefano D’Amico of Classical and linguistic Lyceum “Giacomo Leopardi” in Macerata, a virtuous example of cooperation between the bourgeois museums and the school thanks to the fact that the children have gained awareness of the richness of the important cultural container Macerata and have created excellent works based on the Buonaccorsi heritage.

Virtual example of cooperation

“An example of genuine collaboration between school and museum thanks to the sensitivity of the teachers involved and Dr. Giuliana Pascucci, rapporteur for the museum – saysCulture Councilor Katiuscia Cassetta -. Making young students aware of the important heritage that the bourgeois museums preserve, and enabling them not only to become privileged users but also advocates for the city’s artistic riches, signifies a new vision and civic participation. I reaffirm the commitment of the Administration to new forms of cooperation with schools for active citizenship education and new training methods. “

Outdoor training

MAB was born as experimental format for application of the method Challenge-based learning (CBL) in connection with international outdoor training experiences dedicated to students and teachers, in the implementation of the national digital school plan, and the aim of the course is to integrate classical-language training in connection with education for actively responsible citizenship with the tools from understanding the reality associated with the landscape, artistic and cultural heritage.

The museum’s study area

That Palazzo Buonaccorsi Museum this was the study area for female students and students by “Giacomo Leopardi” who explored the museum through some observation filters of one emotionally short it was a magnifying glass to read and perceive the palace and all that it contains and represents in a deep and individual way. The feelings and impressions were then polluted by external point of view represented by the experts and also by the citizens of Macerata and by visitors to the museum.

Digital history

Schoolgirls and students have so created a digital story (digital storytelling) aroundthe history and the relationship between the chosen work and the city and the inmates also in the digital text the conception and / or creation of the missing work inside the museum.

The videos made by the students can be viewed on the website


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