How to decorate your home with khaki color

That khaki color it is a shade that in recent years has become extremely trendy, both in fashion and interior design.

It is a versatile neutral color which has several shades and can be combined with any color and any furniture style, perfect in particular in the rooms dedicated to guests and collection, such as living room and kitchen, but also relaxing to match the bedroom.

Let’s see how you use it in furnishing, with what colors suit it and tips to make it stand out without risking turning off the environment.

What is the khaki color

Although the name may show a resemblance, the persimmon color is in fact not so named after the autumn fruit of the same name. There Persian word comes from Persian Khak and that means the earthfor this color it is an earthy green and not a bright orange.

Khaki is a neutral color, including earth tones, which combines green, gray and brown to create a unique and special shade, which Pantone recognizes with code 16-0726 TPX.

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It is very well known why khaki comes used for camouflage military uniforms and precisely because of this his means is connected to groupthe ability to be with other people and participate in the community.

How to combine khaki color

Khaki is a neutral color for this Yes easily matches with any other color. It is ideal with light and light colors, while the one with dark colors should be dosed sensibly to avoid turning off the environment.

For an effect Tone and tone khaki can be combined with other neutral shades such as truethat pigeon gray andOctober fogoral green and al Brown in all their shades.

THAT bright colors which one can combine it with yellow in all its nuances, even that mustardthat red, orange and coral to create color contrasts and for a sparkling effect glue and fluorescent colors.

It can also be combined with white and bright colors such as powder pinkthat fishing and everything pastel shadeswhile in between dark colors with which it goes well we find it blue and its nuances, the violadark red likes bordeaux and blackbe careful to combine these shades in large and bright spaces to avoid the dull effect.

Among the materials that the khaki color is combined with, we find metals such as gold, bronze and brass, wood, wicker and leather.

Garnish with persimmon

That khaki color it is an ideal color to use in home decor, both for interior spaces and for uderum such as balconies, terraces and yardbut also on the outer walls as a reminder of nature.

It’s going very well wallsespecially those of living areaboth as a single color and combined with white and light colors like yellow, but also with light blue shades to create refined contrasts.

On the walls, khaki is a color that knows how to surprise even in sleeping spaceespecially in the bedroom, where it recreates an exotic and relaxing atmosphere at the same time.

Khaki kitchen

IN kitchen khaki goes well with bright and light colors like yellow, white and pastel tones. It’s perfect on walls and coatings and can be used to highlight a rustic, shabby and boho kitchen, but also for a classic or modern style.

Those who do not like a kitchen with neutral colors, but still want to insert khaki, can do so by using it on textiles, on interior accessories or decorative elements.

Khaki green lounge

IN living room persimmon finds its ideal environment. It is perfect on walls and coverings, but also on special elements such as the sofa or the curtains.

It also goes well in a living room where there are numerous indoor plants and for its versatility it can be used to bring out any furniture stylefrom the most classic to the most modern, also in combination with dark colors.

Khaki bathroom

To create a relaxed and relaxing atmosphere in bath khaki is the ideal color. Perfect for both textiles and walls, especially combined with gray or pastel colors. The khaki color when combined with mirrors with gold frames and with luminous patterns it can also be utilized in small bathrooms and with a little light without the risk of the environment being turned off.

You can too doctor with contrasts create khaki-colored furniture placed on blue walls or in a total white space.

Khaki bedroom

As we said in Bedroom persimmon is a particularly relaxing color, reminiscent of nature and exotic atmospheres. On the walls to emphasize the exotic atmosphere can be combined with wallpaper details with references to flowers and animals, or a textiles and decorations reminiscent of distant lands.

It is a color that fits well with only one wall, for example the one on which the headboard rests and finds among its best combinations for this environment the blue, white and pink.

It can also be combined with bedding and curtains, or combined with wooden elements on wardrobes, shelves and bedside tables.

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