Government Crisis and School Considerations: Should Draghi Stay or Leave the Office? PARTICIPATE IN THE SURVEY

The situation is fluid and it Government crisis could be resolved unexpectedly, but no later than tomorrow, Wednesday, July 20, fate will The Draghi government It should be clearer: Prime Minister Mario Draghi will actually report to the Senate and then to Parliament. In these hours he prepares the speech, in the light of the confidence that may not come. The group leaders’ conference meets again today at 16.30 to set times and methods for the debate.

Reflections on school

The fate of the government is also closely linked to the school worldas we have explained, given that the fall of Draghi would set both renewal of the contract 2019-2021 (the unions fear that the negotiations will be held back, as resources with the new budget law would be at high risk); Is there reform of the recruitment and training of teachers (implementing decrees as well as Dpcm is expected no later than July 31st, could remain stationary at Poland).


In the light of these considerations School technology ask their readers: Should Draghi leave the office or should he stay?

The forces at stake and the open debate

As for the government crisis, “now the decision is not up to us, but to Prime Minister Draghi,” so the leader of the 5 stars Giuseppe Conte. “To continue at all costs with the responsibility of the government without clarifying the social agenda of the government, it would truly be an irresponsible attitude”. He said this at the meeting of parliamentary groups. “The country is in a really dramatic state. Faced with this, the responsible attitude requires that we ask President Draghi that the priorities we have set are put on the government’s agenda,” he said. “Draghi must evaluate the situation and determine the perimeter of this path. Our line is very clear and coherent, ”he adds.

Matteo Salvini, for his part, he is an aperturist to Prime Minister Mario Draghi and stresses that nothing has yet been decided on the issue of voting: “I have respect for Mario Draghi, we will see if we go to the polls or not”.

Silvio Berlusconi he remains at the door to follow the latest developments in the government crisis, and for this reason he went to Rome to closely follow the events. Apparently, according to sources to AdnKronos, he will not meet his ministers, Gelmini, Brunetta and Carfagna, iron girders from the most extremist blues, but he will take stock of the party’s number two, Antonio Tajani and with the group leaders in the House and Senate, Anna Maria Bernini and Paolo Barelli.

To pray with the insistence that we go to the polls is Giorgia Meloni, brothers in Italy: for you there is no other solution than early elections. He reiterates this with a tweet: “Appeals, reflection, prayers and twists: for fear of being defeated, the left is willing to do anything to avoid returning to the vote. They can flee as much as they want, the day is coming soon , where they have to deal with the Italian verdict ”.

Enrico Letta, with the regional secretaries of the Democratic Party he talks about holethe only opening for the reconstruction of the crisis “to continue the experience of national unity”, but in any case “we must prepare for any eventuality,” he points out.

Matteo Renzihead of Italia Viva, in a conference with the foreign press goes down strongly against the former prime minister: “Draghi is a statesman, Conte is an intern” and on the benefits of the case he commented: “I am hopeful and reasonably optimistic that the crisis “because I believe that no one, neither in Rome nor in Brussels, needs a weak Italy.” Maria Elena Boschi in these hours he adds: “We at Italia Viva do not veto, we are with Draghi”.

Also mayorsapparently they are with Draghi: “Last night we exceeded 1500 signatures, we are almost at 1600 ″ due to the call for the premiere to remain in office, and “we will probably reach 2000 before President Draghi’s speech in the Senate”. Like this Dario Nardella, Mayor of Florence, in connection with Omnibus on La7. “There is a very broad membership – he added – that goes from north to south, from center-left to center-right, and that stems from an objective concern that we experience every day in the area.” The signatures? “A surprising fact – Nardella concludes – never seen anything like it: obviously there is a very strong feeling”.

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