EU guidelines for masks and distance

For the reopening of schools in September, some restrictions. According to the Center for Disease Prevention and Control, the main goal is to do not close educational institutions.

The summer wave of Omicron variants opened up the possibility of new restrictions. After escaping the summer, the plan for a partial return to restrictions may come closer with colder seasons. Schools are once again at the center of the debate – at least in Europe – on restrictions and in parallel with these transport systems. During the two years of the pandemic, it was understood that the virus easily spread indoors, and schools have tried to overcome the problem of masks, ventilation of the environments e monitoring at the entrance to the structure. With the new Centaurus variant incoming, much more contagious, these defense systems may not be enough.

EU Commissioner Stella Kyriakides talked about reintroducing non-pharmaceutical safety systems as part of a contingency plan to return to school and work in full safety. The priority is to adapt the classes to the best security system by investing in ventilation systems Effective.

School and restrictions: what are the indications for the EU

The Council of the European Union on the reopening of schools is set out in the document Preliminary public health considerations for vaccination strategies concealed 19 in second half of 2022. The text has been prepared by the ECDC and the EMA with the aim of clarifying the points of the evaluation concerning the new sub-variants and the increase in cases of positivity, serious illnesses and deaths.

In this perspective, through the words of the Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, Stella Kyriakides, the European Union has advised us to start a school plan in a secure regime. Following the new wave, Europe has proposed aiming for a “zero school closures” target. To achieve this goal, a safe return to school must be guaranteed with the use of masks and spaces.

It is important – explains Kyriakides – prepare contingency plans before September, when schools reopen and citizens return to work. If reintroduction of non-pharmaceutical interventions (masks, distancing, etc.) should be considered where necessary, closure of education systems should be avoidedFor the safe return, the European Union therefore proposes back to restrictions and non-pharmaceutical safety systems and proposes to invest in effective ventilation systems in educational and work environments.

Back to school: the plan of the Italian government

Europe is asking to respond to the new wave of emergency plans to return to education by September. According to initial estimates, they will be needed 360 million euros for air purifiers of all classes, the only way to guarantee, in addition to masks and spaces, a low level of infection in the light of sub-variants with mutations that make them highly contagious.

Returning to class in September is not so obvious, in fact, even after the pandemic began almost three years later, it seems few steps have been taken to ensure a safe school environment. The criticalities are many, says the dean of the National Association of School Leaders and High Professionals, from dealing with infections, to the absence of distancing, the absence of ventilation and to broader issues that go beyond Covid, such as those relating to the school. building.

The government’s plan is that there is no plan. In the summer, maintenance, control and implementation work could have been carried out on the ventilation systems, but in mid-July none of this was done. One and a half months after returning to school,school environment is not yet considered safe. There have also been no updates on the management of infections, and following the recommendations from June, the system has not been updated and it is not expected to update it.

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