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The public event at BASE Milano to present the ongoing initiatives and winning projects
Councilor Cappello: “Three initiatives, one goal: to create a Milan with services and projects within reach of citizens, within 15 minutes”

( Milan, July 19, 2022 – With the ‘Milan in 15 Minutes’ event scheduled today at BASE Milan, Economic Development and Labor Policy Councilor Alessia Cappello presents the projects and funds made available of the Urban Finance and Labor Department (2.3 million euros in total) to support the creation and development of social, comprehensive and recreational services and activities in the neighborhoods, for a Milan within reach of citizens.

The latest call, in chronological order, is ‘Mi15-Spazi e servizi per Milano in 15 minutes’, which can count on an allocation of 1,350 million euros of European funds to support missing or deficient activities with non-refundable subsidies in neighborhoods.
A BASE will also present some of the 16 projects selected as part of the ‘Scuola dei Quartieri 2022’ call (450,000 euros of React-EU funding) and the point will be made aware of the 2022 civic crowdfunding call (500,000 euros of PON -Metro funds), the first phase of which ended on Friday with the presentation of 25 proposals.

“Thanks to the ‘School of the Neighborhoods’, we have received beautiful projects – Councilor Cappello emphasizes -, now we will examine the proposals received for ‘Civic Crowdfunding’ and we hope that there will be great participation in the ‘Mi-15’ tender. These are different calls, but have a minimum common denominator, namely the goal of supporting activities that arise from below, those aimed at neighborhoods and communities in the area.Projects that are really able to realize the idea of ​​’Milan in 15 minutes ‘, which this administration pursues with all possible initiatives. And that my department, thanks to over 2.3 million euros of European funds, intends to support also and above all financially “.


The call ‘Mi15-Spaces and services for Milan 15 minutes’ will be open until 16 September (link to the website) to fund investments in social consequences in the neighborhoods with grants of up to 80,000 non-repayable.
It can count on a fund of over 1 million and 350 thousand euros and will make it possible to contribute to the cost of the project (up to 80% of the total value): the proposals will relate to the creation or improvement of spaces, services, social impact activities, in currently absent or inadequate in the neighborhood in which it operates (one or more local identity units – NIL), and to be able to improve the quality of life of citizens.

Civic Crowdfunding 2022

The first phase, the project fundraising, of the 2022 Civic Crowdfunding call ended on Friday 15 July (the municipality provides a fund of 500,000 euros of PON-Metro Milano funds).
This is the third Crowdfunding call launched in recent years by the Milanese administration, the first local authority in Italy to use this tool. The first edition, in the period 2015-2017, made it possible to fund 16 projects through 330 thousand euros collected on the platform and a municipal contribution of the same amount. The second edition was held between 2020 and 2021 always with the resources of PON-Metro Milan and led to the realization of 19 projects thanks to a fundraising of 320 thousand euros, more than doubled through public contributions.

Neighboring School 2022

The initiative of the Department of Labor Policies born in 2019 to improve the quality of life in the neighborhoods by increasing the energy, creativity and ingenuity of those who live there has already involved – since its debut 3 years ago – more than 1,200 people and funded 42 social and cultural projects, crafts, recycling and circular economy.
In the latest edition, funded by the extraordinary resources of the European React EU program, 16 projects were selected, starting with the final documentary confirmation phase, to be finally declared winners, thus gaining access to a project grant of up to 30,000 euros in non-refundable funds and accompanying and educational services offered by the school.


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