Weapons and other homes in the sights of the Valcuvia pusher

She started walking into her country house where she had not been for a while and immediately realized that something was wrong.: inside lay people sleeping. So he called 112, who sent a patrol of Luino’s companion’s carabinieri to search the house, and the military did. a bitter surprise: the house had been occupied by two citizens of North African descent, probably Moroccans farmers of the network attached to the store, which during this period is particularly active in the area in the center of Verbano, as well as on the heights of Valcuvia.

The two men have been identified by the weapon and their position is being investigated, as in these cases it is possible to act ex officio if there are weapons or the occupation is the result of more than five people: no arrest is foreseen and if possible incorrectly, these two persons will be reported free. News that comes just in the days when the brilliant operation of tracing and capturing the three suspects for two torture episodes it was also scored by the operational core of the Luines military, which arrested the suspects trying to escape on the roof tiles of Parona’s roofs.

The point is that the store in the valley area is now so branched that in addition to the change of pace with regard to the actual danger of these items arriving from afar to colonize the sales areas no longer with side weapons but firearms, the danger is now also represented by occupying buildings to guarantee protection and shelter (in the picture, a flash in the caves of Valganna at the operational core of Luino: similar beds were also found in Castello Cabiaglio, Masciago Primo, Rancio and on the opposite side of Valcuvia).

A question about logistics, in short, which also appears in the surveys’ papers, in which reference is made on an ongoing basis to drug “slaves” who often also lend their beds to drug dealers. However, in the case of the house that was inhabited in the days prior to Saturday, there were no reports of suspicious movements from possible neighbors or locals, which is a sign of a careful investigation of the area and the decision to act without being seen: “There is no one in that house and no one will notice us.” And the house had actually become their hiding place, as investigators talk about “taking over” the property.

The alarm among the police is high due to the areas frequented by pushers coincide with the areas that are subject to walkingmushroom walks (when the season comes) and another activity that worries: hunting. It’s open from the end of June the selection hunt for wild boarwill open it for deer and cattle the first of August: it’s not a mystery that the determination of the characters who force themselves to sell cheap and low-quality heroin in the valleys of Verbanos is quite resolute, so that they have no problems – because they are armed – with meeting subjects carrying a rifle hunt .

The section works from which the series of investigations leading to the seizure of one started revolver pistol in Brenta (San Quirico) months ago, and the arrest of the three Moroccans for torture a few days ago – must be attributed fantastic shooting between Laveno Mombello and Sangiano in the area of ​​the Bostano hill. A detail that has not escaped the residents and even before the investigators: the firearms used are hunting weapons, “shotguns” or “over-and-under” 12-gauge which at long range sounds like a threat to the noise produced, but 50 meters away kills instantly. Weapons also the result of the intrusion into private homes by hunters or ordinary citizens who kept aside the gun “from the grandfather”; weapons now in the hands of pushers who not infrequently use them to threaten after cutting the barrels that turn rifles into magnifiersideal for fighting in the trees or to be kept hidden to the end behind your back to solve unexpected situations: it is happened to a little boy most recently a month ago in the Casalzuigno area. The 15-year-old scaredly told everything to his parent, however when the carabinieri arrived, the armed figure had disappeared between the trees, a few meters from the road.

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