Ukraine, Deputy Prime Minister Vereshchuk: “With Draghi in government, we will win the war”

“I am Ukrainian, I can not evaluate Mario Draghi, and as a member of the Ukrainian government, I do not want to influence the thoughts and feelings of those who have to make the decisions. But I speak for my country and as a world citizen. I would like to say that Mario Draghi is a person of a big heart who actually and sincerely helped and helps Ukraine by speaking with dignity and responsibility in the eyes of the world on behalf of all Italians, both his supporters and his opponents.Draghi as a leader and professional he knows and understands , that history is now also being written for Italy “. Iryna Vereshchuk, Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine and Minister for Reintegration of Temporary Occupied Territories in addition to a symbolic face of resistance, he intervenes against Adnkronos and responds in a video interview about the government crisis in our country: “The future will depend on how Italy, the Italians, the Italian government will be able to resolve this terrible conflict, this “Brotherhood war, which so far, and I emphasize ‘for now’, is taking place on Ukrainian territory. With leaders like Mario Draghi in government, we will win this terrible war, which is not taking place in Ukraine, but on the European continent”.

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Vereshchuk recalls that “Putin’s goal is to destroy our country, the EU institution, NATO discredit and overthrow the governments of independent democracies. For this reason, it is very important to maintain unity and balance – he urges – through stable leaders, strong companies and resistant to Russia’s aggression. We are friends of the Italian people, whose support is as important to Ukraine as that of the government. I remember how Mario Draghi supported us on the road to candidacy for EU membership and how he supported us by coming here. I do not forget the processions of thousands of people held in Italy in support of Ukraine, the houses that the Italians opened to welcome our displaced people, the economic aid that the people sent. They are the gesture of humanity that must continue. War must not tire or stop a people as large as yours. I am sure it will not happen that the Italians will choose to continue to support us in the future as well. They will aim for the stability of Europe, for the humanism that characterizes you. On behalf of our children, the Ukrainian women, our elderly, I would like to thank the Italian people again. ”

Are you afraid that the crisis is caused by political forces that are opposed to aid in Kiev? “Putin will do anything with his FSB policy, or rather the KGB, to strengthen these forces in the democratic world and in Europe in particular. It is the style of the Russians: to rule by creating unrest and conflict; plays on contradictions and raises very sensitive issues; exploiting nationalist forces turned into idiots useful in the Kremlin, an instrument of propaganda and strife. The important thing is to understand it, anticipate it to prevent it from happening; Avoid mistakes similar to those made by Angela Merkel, who in 2014 believed that promoting Nord Stream 2 would be good for Germany and the Germans. He believed that by helping Putin he would pacify him that he, like Germany, would hold the closest enemy in his arms. Now you see the result, the error in that policy. I beg you not to repeat these past mistakes of not pursuing policies in any way related to the Kremlin “.

Which parties in Italy cause concern in Kiev? “I do not have this kind of concern, the Italian political agenda is an exclusive matter for Italy and the Italians. I know that Italy, as a country with a millennial history, has taught culture to the whole world and has shaped Western civilization will succeed and will be able to respond to this challenge.The important thing I would like to ask Italy, the government, the opposition, in particular, is not to get tired of war; to focus on the most important challenges, these are security challenges.The rest goes in the back seat Believe me: political conflicts or misunderstandings in progress are certainly secondary. The important thing is to stop the war, to reach a stable balance, to make democracy and civilization coexist. When will we have defeated obscurantism? will be able to go back to talking about politics, culture, music, art … “.

The Deputy Prime Minister then looks at the situation in Kherson and Zaporizhia: “We expect to be able to evacuate at least 20-30 thousand people from these regions in Kherson and Zaporizhia. It is a process that has already started and is under way thanks to support from voluntary organizations, but it is very complicated to manage, as Russia has effectively blocked all passages that are useful for the evacuation and do not want to open the corridors.We hope to break through the blockade in the near future and get 20-30 thousand people out of the Occupied Territories “. “To date from the beginning of the occupation – he proudly reports – we managed to evacuate more than 350,000 women, children and the elderly. And in the last month managed to rescue 46 orphaned children who were taken to be adopted in Russia. The work in Dikasteriet led by me – he explains – has changed radically. Now it is a Ministry of Humanitarian Response to Emergencies that intervenes in rapid operations, for example in cases where the line at the front shifts by rapidly evacuating women, children and the elderly. Or in the recovery of orphans who were suddenly brought to the occupied territories. We are therefore mainly dealing with humanitarian corridors and evacuation ”.

But the point remains: Ukraine will not cede territories to Russia, this is not the solution to end the war and find peace. “Ukraine is our homeland, it is our mother, it is our homeland. Could you ever sell, trade or share your mother? You would never do that. I am convinced of this “, Iryna Vereshchuk told Adnkronos, recalling that” 20% of the territory temporarily occupied by the Russians corresponds to 40% of Italy and that no Italian would ever be willing to lose it in the name of peace. I’m sure. We will in no way give up our territories. Putin is talking about peace, so Ukraine is on its knees and Europe with it, because it considers us one thing. We will not kneel before Putin and we will never allow Europe to do that. “

“I would like – she continues – that we could return to battle in Donetsk and Luhansk as in March last year already tomorrow. And I am convinced that no one in the world is in doubt that the Ukrainian people are very strong, brave and motivated. ” But we are missing the weapons. long range and artillery capable of destroying enemy targets beyond 50 km “.” You see in the news what happened in Vinnytsia, what happened in Dnipro, in Kharkiv. When rockets are fired at civilian targets by the so-called ‘Russian army’, in cities in central Ukraine such as Vinnytsia, causing mothers’ deaths and young children when there is terror, we are defenseless because we lack the means for anti-missile defenseof anti-aircraft defense capable of protecting civilian cities inhabited by civilians in the center and west of our country “.

“There is no alternative to war,” added the Minister for Reintegration of the Territories. We really wish there was a negotiating table or a magic wand to solve all the problems. But Russia is the number one enemy of civilization. That is why we are forced to pay with the price of life for civilians, women, children, our military, ours and your freedom, ours and your democracy “.” I’m convinced – she continues – that the war can be stopped if you will give us the weapons we need. With only 12 Himars, we have effectively stopped the army in a country armed with nuclear power. Imagine if we had had artillery and bombers required and needed to take our country back. Do not wait, give us your weapons and you will see what we will do. We want to bring peace to the whole of Europe “.

“There the end of the war – says the Deputy Premier – it will depend on the amount and timing of where we receive the weapons. If they are delivered in July – August, before the end of the year, ie in December, the war will be over, at least the acts of war on Ukrainian territory. It is clear that the energy and economic war with sanctions will continue. But at least the terror against civilians will cease. The question that therefore arises is – Vereshchuk urges before concluding the interview with Adnkronos – Who will take responsibility if we do not receive the weapons in time? Among other things, in the winter, there is a risk that we will see an energy collapse, given that Russia will continue with its blackmail policy and will clearly raise its efforts. “The responsibility for such a scenario” will therefore lie with everyone. is now afraid to make necessary and important decisions for our lives: to provide us with weapons, here and now “.

(from Roberta Lanzara)

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