Thermokey patents green cooling

The Friulian company specializing in heat exchangers has designed new machinery in aluminum microchannels that halves the use of refrigerants and reduces consumption. Visentini CEO: “Our heat exchanger can recover the heat that is typically dispersed in the air today”

UDINE. The energy bill on the one hand and the abandonment of refrigerant gases on the other. they pushed research and innovation in termokey, Friulian company based in Rivarotta di Teor, which has been producing heat exchangers of various types for over 30 years and is currently recognized in the international market as the ideal partner for manufacturers of refrigeration machines in the air conditioning, refrigeration and refrigeration sectors.

Forecasts say that energy consumption for air conditioning will increase by 33 times in 2100 worldwide due to urbanization and a general increase in revenues, and that the amount of energy consumed for air conditioning in 2060 may exceed what is used for warm up.

Thermokey has therefore invested to reduce the impact of this important sector.

“Making the world of refrigeration and air conditioning more sustainable” is the mission of Giuseppe Visentini CEO of Thermokey.

“Most of the technologies currently in use produce cold using coolants, such as hydrofluorocarbons or HFCs, which absorb and emit heat. Although HFCs have been banned in Europe since 2015 in favor of new low-GWPs, refrigerators, we are still far behind globally.With Thermokey’s strategic plan – he continues – we have designed a new generation of machines that are not only capable of supporting a change of liquids but also a change of air conditioners because we are already preparing for the real transition of the sector, which will begin from 2025, when GWPs above a certain threshold will be removed from the market, and many machines will then no longer work ”.

CEO Giuseppe Visentini

Thermocouple in fact, it is already the only Italian player capable of producing heat exchangers in Aluminum Microchannels, a technology derived from the automotive industry – but developed by the company on industrial specifications – capable of halving the use of refrigerants and while reducing electricity consumption in ‘plant.

The values ​​of sustainability and savings, especially energy, are the growth drivers for the company’s Microchannel division, which – in the first half of 2022 – registered a doubling of revenue compared to the first half of 2021.

Based on the skills of this division, the company has developed a new and promising technology that is able to recover the heat that is typically dissipated today in the condensation phase of the coolant: the Multisystem Dual-Flow system. “This special microchannel aluminum exchanger – he explains again Visentini – protected by a set of patented patents, it will be able to recover the heat typically dissipated in the air today, for district heating, for domestic hot water heating, to make low temperature cooling systems more efficient or to improve the thermal and electrical performance of industrial conditioning in the hottest months. The fruits of the investment in sustainability and the proprietary technologies developed in this sense will be selected by the climate and refrigeration actors, he concludes – who will commit to reducing CO2 emissions ».

The growth path shared in Thermokey with the entry of new executives and lenders in 2014 records an acceleration that generated + 22% of revenue in 2021 and a further growth of 21% in the first half of 2022.

“As of June 30 – the result is Giuseppe Visentini – we have already acquired orders with deliveries within the year corresponding to revenue throughout 2021 and exceeding 42 million euros”.

A plus sign also for the employment with 208 employees, of which 73 office employees and 135 between workers and direct production technicians.

“We have chosen to focus all our energy on the skills that are historically present in the area – Visentini concludes – gradually divesting or selling the production sites in Turkey, Brazil and China. One step at a time, with an important investment plan, we have strengthened team, developed more efficient and sustainable products and started a process of vertical integration with the aim of maximizing the internal production of components. “And having an integrated production process means” bringing competencies into the company. This allows us to accelerate development. of new products and allows us to respond to customers’ requests with greater speed and control ».

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