Spinel professional machines for coffee pads

For several years, the Spinel brand, not only in Italy, has become synonymous with machines for making high-quality coffee pads and guaranteeing high performance. In addition to having an innovative structure with attention to every little detail, these models boast an attractive design. For these reasons, they represent in Italy household appliances that are highly valued and in demand in the Horeca sector.

The range of Spinel coffee cushion machines is quite large and varied, as it is specially designed to best meet different needs. The most interesting proposals are available at Toro Caffè and can be purchased at very competitive and heavily discounted prices.

Spinel pod coffee machines: general properties.

All those who love to prepare superlative, fragrant and creamy coffee, can focus on the professional machines produced by Spinel and which ensure functionality, as well as maximum durability over time. The whole range of these appliances, to choose from in different sizes, is made of sturdy materials and is also very easy to use.

When the time comes to buy a professional pod machine, it is normal to get confused and not know which product to choose. The Spinel solutions, which are compatible with 44 mm ESE pods, are easy to place in any Horeca context and suitable for satisfying a consumption of over 80 drinks per day.

These machines are practical, easy to handle and perform, not only flawless from a strictly aesthetic point of view, but appreciated from the first time for their practical functionality, also because every cup of coffee can be enjoyed in a few moments.

We must also consider that Spinel professional pod coffee machines have already been purchased and tested by many customers, but not only. They can be administered independently, even by beginners and even in the absence of specific technical experience.

Spinel professional machines for coffee pads: the models.

The wide range of Spinel professional coffee pillow making machines includes cutting-edge models that differ in performance and functionality. Spinel Jessica 2, Mini Mini 2 and MiniMini Lux are the most sought after and sold solutions in the restaurant industry.

Spinel professional machines for coffee pads

Spinel Jessica 2.

This machine is a good buy choice for all those who work in the Horeca sector and are looking for a high quality product that ensures excellent results. Spinel Jessica 2 has a robust shell with integrated cup heater and a 5 liter tank. It is configured in a standard way, ie. with 2 coffee groups compatible with 44 mm ESE pods, for 7/8 g pods. It also has a system that can be adjusted manually thanks to the practical podholder lifting system. In addition, the thermoblock, which can be modulated in height, is comfortable.

Spinel Mini mini 2 professional coffee pillow machine.

Mini mini 2 is another professional Spinel machine that is very popular in the Horeca sector, as well as appreciated for its design quality and ease of use. This model also has a robust body and cup warmer as well as a 2-liter tank. The standard configuration includes 2 clear 44 mm coffee groups, ie 7/8 g with pods, as well as the system, which can be adjusted manually thanks to the practical lifting of the pod holder. Mini mini also presents the thermoblock to be attached at the desired height.

Spinel Mini mini lux 2.

The Spinel-branded Mini mini Lux 2 coffee machine has a robust body, cup warmer and 2-liter tank. It can be adjusted manually because it integrates lifting of the pillow holder and the thermoblock to modulate the height. As for the other machines in the collection, the standard configuration again includes 2 44 mm coffee groups, ie for 7/8 g pods.

Why buy a professional Spinel machine.

Even though coffee is becoming less and less available than it used to be, it does not mean that you have to give up the daily pleasure of a good espresso, especially to start the day in the best possible way. In the market you can find many professional machines, but those suggested by the brand Spinel can make the difference. In fact, they manage to make coffee with an incomparable taste and intense aroma that does not have its side in a short time.

As for the quality of the 44 mm ESE bellows, it all depends on the specific taste. In this regard, Spinel machines offer the best with all types of coffee, starting with Arabica to get to the most robust blends, which allow you to experiment with different aromas.

The Pod coffee machines made by Spinel supply bars, restaurants, trattorias, hotels, pubs and any other restaurant with taste and elegance. The coffee powder, which is enclosed between the two layers of filter paper, must be inserted into the special arm, which is then crossed by the hot water. These appliances, which are available at Toro Caffè and whose price varies according to the desired functions, allow you to prepare up to 2 coffees at a time, but first it will always be necessary to bring the water to the right temperature.

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