Prefabricated wooden houses: what type of wood should you choose?

Have you ever thought about what the best type of wood is for prefabricated houses? Have you ever heard of spruce rather than pine?

In this article we will make an excursion about the different types of wood used for the construction of wooden buildings and the main characteristics of each of them.

Are you ready to take notes and find the right kind of wood for you?

Different types of wood for prefabricated houses

As expected, there are different types of wood, and each of them has different properties, which is why each variety is more suitable than others for a given construction.

In general, a prefabricated wooden house can be built with the following types of wood:

  • Great,
  • Pine tree,
  • Teak,
  • OSB panels.

Let us analyze each of these woods in more detail to highlight pros and cons as well as uses and “customs”.


The tree off gran it is the most suitable type of wood for green construction; in fact, it is a variety with a high structural yield, a certain degree of robustness and boasts very sustainable costs. In fact, most of the prefabricated houses in the world are made of spruce.

One of the many benefits of spruce is stability, ie. the ability to maintain its shape even in adverse weather conditions.

Pine tree

The most commonly used variety of wood for the construction of wooden houses is the wood of Pine tree. Pine has the advantage that it is very soft and light, properties that make it easy to adapt to any shape and environment (which is why it is suitable for both indoors and outdoors).

Among the advantages of pine, we certainly find the ability to resist deformation and shrinkage.


Another type of wood that can withstand atmospheric substances is the wood teak. It is a fairly robust and heavy variety, as well as durable and characterized by the fact that it burns very slowly.

Due to these properties, this type of wood is particularly suitable for the construction of the structure, of partitions located inside the building, of doors and windows.

OSB panels

The OSB panels (where “OSB” stands for “Oriented Strand Board”, in Italian “panel of oriented choices”) are made with forty and spruce flakes, held together by a synthetic resin and subsequently pressed into several layers. The surface of these panels is smooth, making them ideal for creating surfaces (both walls and countertops).

This material has excellent mechanical performance and is able to withstand traction, it is used for the construction of horizontal structures (see floors) or for structural parts for wind protection.

Who to refer to to create custom-made prefabricated houses?

Making a custom-made wooden house is possible, and there are several manufacturers on the market that allow this.

Among the best in Europe is the Maestro Case, a leader in the production of wooden buildings: from classic wooden garden houses to genuine prefabricated houses, not to mention wooden garages and gazebos. You can ask the experts at Maestro Case what you want and you can be sure that this will be done!

Maestro Case offers a large catalog of prefabricated houses to choose from, based on the size, number of floors, shape and quantity of rooms, each of which includes free modification of the project and installation. In the same way, it is possible to send Maestro Case your idea of ​​a home: a draft, a sketch on paper, everything will be fine, an expert will contact you to arrange a first conversation and make your dreams come true.

Keep in mind that modern prefabricated houses look very much like classic concrete houses, fit perfectly into the environment and may have different fixtures to let in natural light (there is no limit to the number of windows you can install).

How much does a specialist house cost me?

One of the most popular (and legitimate) questions to ask is: “How much does a bespoke house cost me? “.

Giving an accurate answer to this question is not at all easy, as the variables that define an exact price are many, for example:

  • Wood type selected,
  • Structure size,
  • Number of luminaires,
  • Structure shape,
  • Insulation,
  • Number of floors.

But if you want a structure that is quality and long-lasting, we recommend that you invest and only choose high-quality materials.

Maestro Case makes prefabricated houses with a starting price from € 4,000an example is the model Oslo: it is a 4 × 4 camping pod, with the possibility of having a terrace and a canopy, in which it is possible to insert a bedroom and a dining area.

Another prefabricated house model made by Maestro Case is Helsinki: it is a structure developed on two floors of 55 sqm, with four bedrooms, two bathrooms and several windows in “Special Silver LineThe starting price for this modern structure is € 36,500, including assembly and design changes.

Is it possible to make a “do-it-yourself” wooden house?

Many people have wondered if it was possible to build a wooden house independently without resorting to the help of a manufacturer and to save some money.

The answer is yes; it is possible to create “do-it-yourself” prefabricated houses, the important thing is to use design and construction techniques that are valid and of quality, to avoid unexpected problems in the future.

However, it is advisable to ask for the help of a professional, at least in the initial phase, to get an opinion on the feasibility of the project and on the actual implementation. In addition, a professional will also be able to give you tips on any changes to be made during construction and on the building materials to be used.

You can request a consultation of this type completely free of charge to the professionals of Maestro Case, who will be able to guide you and give you tips on the matter, directly from the contact form on the official website or via e-mail.

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