Ossola 24 – VCO Health Committee: where have the communal houses gone?

VCO – 18-07-2022 – We are recording an intervention from the VCO Health Committee regarding local health.

Let us start by saying that the logic on which the AGENAS document (National Agency for Regional Health Services) is based stems from the difficulties in the current health care system that emerged during the recent pandemic. Not just an Italian problem. In Europe, everyone agrees that with a different organization of territorial health, the damage would have been less. For this reason, the NRP has defined both the lines of action and the funding to “transform” the current system. We use the verb “to transform” to make it clear that it is not a matter of doing something new, but of modifying the existing. On the other hand, the money allocated would otherwise not be enough.
It is therefore obvious that in order to face this “transformation”, you must first know where to start or what is “state of the art”, define the way to decide where to spend the money to your advantage.
Who defines “state of the art” can only be the health and social plan, which, however, does not exist in Piedmont.

The two councilors do not talk to each other and even less to the president, who tolerates a situation that is in itself unacceptable. With a situation of this type, we wonder how we can think about planning for the future. The “shots” made on generic community housing projects in the three main centers and a community hospital in Gravellona have neither head nor tail. Let’s see concretely what it is.

There are two types of “community houses” (so to speak, former health centers): a central (Hub) and other peripheral units to which Spoke refers). The peripheries are important because we – in our mountain territory, with small inhabited centers scattered in the valleys – to ensure the citizens’ right to health can not avoid organizing the system adequately. “Hub” and “Spokes” provide the same services, but diagnostic equipment is also present in “Hub”. We’ve never heard of the councilor about these things, but only about the hospital that has nothing to do with it. Let us look in detail the services according to AGENAS:
Organizational model
1 – Widespread organization throughout the territory. Physical structure, where a multi-professional team of:
General Practitioners (General Practitioners) and Free Choice Pediatricians (PLS)
Specialists – Family or local nurses – Social workers and other health professionals.
2 – It acts as a “continuous reference point” (H24 to be ready) for the population and which makes it possible to guarantee patient care also through:
An IT infrastructure – A sampling point – Multi-specialist instrumentation and basic diagnostics.
Primary care services provided through multi-professional teams
Single Access Point – Home Help
Outpatient specialist services for high-prevalence diseases – Nursing services
Integrated booking system associated with the company CUP – Integration with Social Service
Community participation and improvement of co-production
Connection to Community House of reference hub
Medical presence – Nurse presence – Basic diagnostic services – Emergency medical care (continuity of care)
Sampling point – Consultation activities and activities aimed at minors
Public health interventions (including vaccinations for the age group 0-18 years)
Screening programs (optional)
Services for mental health, pathological addiction and child and adolescent neuropsychiatry (optional)
Sports medicine. (optional)
And then any hospital (or hospitals) without these services will be able to do very little.
But, President Cirio, what is your advice? But have you read the “Agenas document”?

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